Pediatric Endo

Tomorrow morning we go for our 1st visit with the pediatric endocrinologist. I had to return her call on Friday, she sounded very nice on the phone. She wants the basic stuff - BG readings and BG meter, and of course that Golden Insurance card (Thank GOD i have great insurance). I pay out the wazoo for it, but now with 2 diabteics I am glad to have it and way more than willing to pay it. They were way awesome and faxed me confirmation of our appointment and directions to get to the office. I am hoping that this will help us big time, especially with the school. The nurse at school is great, I just feel after doing some reading that my contact with JDRF sent me that I need to have a better relationship with the administrators, teachers, and the nurse, and office staff. After all there are times that they all will be involved with her care. She is pretty self sufficient and I am so proud, she is handling this all very well. I am sure that we will have issues, she is already getting tired of sticking herself. However its not really something i can take away for her. She will have to do this for the rest of her life. I think we are both looking forward to getting on a pump.
Any recommendations? I am unsure of what my insurance will cover and what they wont. I know another Mom at work that has gone through the same thing that I am currently going through with her daughter. I kinda remember her telling me that our insurance did not cover the pump. Is that possible? How can they deny someone something that will help control their diabetes?

Just a few thoughts. I really need to get to bed. its late!
C. Luis

Hope that the endo appointment goes well!! Let us know!

I think that most insurance companies will cover the pump for people with type 1 diabetes. But, in my case, I had to appeal the case once. But then it went through. Depending on your insurance plan, you could have to pay some co-pays or deductibles. I think that Maddy should be able to get a pump though, just might take some paper work.

The best way to decide on a pump is to set up appointments with all the pump companies… and give Maddy the chance to look at all the pumps in person. They are all good, but there are some differences. So it’s best to take a look at all! The representatives from the companies will usually come to your home to show you the pumps.