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Today we had an endocrine appointment, it went pretty well. I was kinda up set with myself with our numbers and schedule, but the doctor was happy with our a1c, how could she? 8.9? I was hoping for a 8.4 or 8.0. But I guess it was good since it has been almost 3 1/2 months since my little baby was in the hospital (I should stop calling her a baby, she is three now :-O). So, verdict of the appointment is get to a pump basics class, then move on from there… but here is the funny part; they said nothing about her diet, schedule or anything!!! I was blown away! Alll they had were praise for me and how i was doing and how everything was moving on. I cannot believe it.

So after all this i went bought two books (more than two but others aren’t relevant), “Diabetes Snacks, Treats & Easy Eats for Kids” by Barbara Grunes and “Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Juvenile Diabetes” by Moira McCarthy with technical review by Jake Kushner, M.D. I needed something that I could sit down and really make serious changes in our lives. I want to figure out why with all my healthy efforts that I cannot bring her A1C level down. Some of the recipes int he book make me hungry just reading it!!!

I will keep you all posted.

Glad to hear that everything is moving in the right direction!!! HOORAH! :slight_smile: I’m sure your “baby” is feeling more like herself too! Keep it up!

Just remember that your baby needs a higher BG than adults. Maybe that’s why the A1c looked fine to the doctor. I know that hypoglycemia is very damaging for young children.

Wahooo for you! So glad they were supportive this time. Hang in there!

Actually, I’ve read many places that children have lower normal BG than adults.

the BG is supposed to be 7.4-8.9

My daughter was diagnosed at 2. Her range of acceptable BG was much higher when she was younger than it is now at the age of 6. I always found it interesting too that while the Endo would want her A1C lower, her pediatrician wanted her numbers higher because he was far more concerned with too low of BGs since that would have an impact on her brain development.

I didn’t fuss too much with Grace’s diet when she was little, just tried to encourage healthy eating. You just never know what they will want to eat. We did stick to a pretty strict eating schedule though and no grazing.

Good luck, sounds like you are doing all the right things. At her age I wouldn’t get too stressed about her A1C.