Manicures and pedicures?

Is it safe to have manicures and pedicures? I’m in a wedding party and we are all supposed to go out as a group and get our nails done the day before the wedding. I’ve never had a manicure or pedicure and am not sure how risky it is. I’m in fairly good control, but if there is a big risk I’d rather just do my nails myself. Has anyone had these procedures done and know what to look for and what to ask the salon?

I’m very picky about who/where I go for any manicure or pedicure action. You need to make sure they disinfect everything between clients - especially the foot bath area and the instruments they use. Most full salons have clean areas and are careful about their disinfection routines, so if it’s for a wedding party and you guys are going to a salon, you should be safe. If it’s in a strip mall and they just take walk-ins, I would be wary and opt out by using the diabetes excuse. Your bride could get a little nasty and bridezilla-like on you, but hey, her freaking wedding is not more important than your health even though she may think the opposite.

Enjoy your wedding.

Do you have any neuropathy in your feet? If you do, then there is more chance of infection. If not, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Nope, no neuropathy or any other complications.

The go for it! The whole “diabetics have to watch out for their feet” thing is because if you have numb nerves in your feet your immune system no longer responds properly to infection.

I had a foot that was numb for many weeks years ago when I blew out a disc and ended up with it full of fungus. I couldn’t get it to heal up until my nerve came back, which fortunately, they did. But people with neuropathy stay permanently numb so they stop healing. Also their capillaries can be all clogged up thanks to all that stickly glycosylated blood.

But just about EVERY thing they say happens to diabetics happens to diabetics who let their blood sugars run at the ADA-recommended, much-too-high levels. No, Virginia! A post-meal reading of 180 mg/dl is NOT good control. But if you can do better–and we have the tools to do that now, you don’t NEED to develop neuropathy, ever.

I still go and get my mani/pedi’s - I refuse to give up the girly things and turn into a crone because of this & other diseases! I DO tell them I’m a diabetic & make sure they use sterile techinque & watch what they do - I won’t let them “cut” on my toenail calluses on anything stupid like that - and I also don’t let them get carried away massaging my lower legs - no one needs a blood clot dislodged from a too vigorous massage! Just use common sense, follow precautions & make sure they do the same & you’ll be just fine. Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

Do it! I’m at the salon every two weeks, rain or shine. (I just got bright green with white polka dots!) =o) Do check to make sure they are using sterile instruments and make sure that the workers disinfect the foot soaks after each client. Don’t allow them to use the razor thing on your feet! Most places don’t use it, but at the ones that do, most of the workers do not know how to properly use it which can lead to dangerous cuts/infections. But, go and ENJOY!

I get mani/pedis regularly and have never had a problem. As everyone says, just make sure it is a place that sterilizes their equipment (and I also won’t use those massage chairs that have the foot bath - I just get a regular pedi - but that’s just me personally). Have fun!

I do my own manicure (just cut, clean and file…no nail polish) but I do go to a salon for pedicure and foot spa. had been for years now. I have a particular person who does my nails…I guess I assume she knows every groove of my nails and toes.LOL And the salon is well informed that I am diabetic. Towels and equipments are clean and sterilized…

Absolutely. As long as you do not have underlying issues like neuropathy, you should be fine. Just make sure if the manicurist is careful, and if there are any abrasions or leasions you take care of them so they don’t get infected.

I wouldn’t take the footbath, personally. These can be and have proven to be havens of bacteria that can infect even the smallest cut you might have. I have had a pedicure and manni before, and have asked that they skip that part…you can do that in the privacy of your own home if you want. Also, make sure that they use sterile insturments on you…not shared by everyone in the wedding party. You might want to stop in to the shop and ask what they use for their mannis and pedis and then purchase your own for them to use. Or ask them to see the area that you are going to be using…if it’s not clean or you feel uncomfortable do your own. Check for dust, water control, instruments, etc. My gal has a bag for each customer with our own instruments in them…and she replaces files for us after each use… If you don’t feel comfortable with it, again, opt out and use your diabetes as an excuse…it’s up to you to keep yourself safe.