can mom take percocet for pain w diabetes?

Fairly dangerous and addictive. so be careful.

You can as i was prescribed for it when I broke my elbow but as anthony hoiko said, it is addictive so do be careful

Percocet is considered a narcotic because it contains oxycodone so not for long-term use.

What type of pain is she having? Neurontinin and amytriptilin are both used to help with neuropathy, the percodan will not help he anything.

Hi guys - she has some sort of bone deposit growth in her left shoulder. She normally tolerates the pain, but last night was radiating all through her left side. Gave her one percocet. I know it can be addictive, wanted to help her w the rest she needed. My biggest concern would be any contraindications with any of her other diabetes meds.

Percocet Is a narcotic.
In this country, narcotics have gotten a bad rap, due to recreational use. The “…cet” means mixed with acetominophen.(Tylenol) the only problem with that is IF she had a CGMS, with the Dex, it gives false readings. Always, the best person to question drug interactions and side effects is the Pharmacist. They actually have the most current and most stringent knowledge base for all of that