Periods of better glucose control

First, I saw a few months of what appeared to be slowly increasing fasting readings of 105-120 and 2 hr post meal readings in the prediabetic range. Then I went to normal post meal readings, but still had abnormal fasting readings. The trend in the past two weeks has been normal 2 hr post meal readings and now lower fasting (ranging from 92-100). I have been keeping a food diary as well because I moved my doctor appoint up from September to June 27th. I have records of food I’ve eaten that in the past would cause abnormal readings but now aren’t having the same effect. I also have hypothyroidism that occurred from a bout of throiditis, so I was wondering if inflammation could be causing periods of increases. Or maybe I am understanding the progression of Diabetes in the wrong way. I thought there was a gradual decline in beta cell function and/or insulin sensitivity. Periods of better blood sugar control would be tied to diet changes and exercise. I’m starting to think I may reschedule my appointment because I don’t think my doctor will take it seriously now that I am in a better phase. Have others experienced up and down blood sugar readings without changing anything in Diet or exercise?

Yes, I have. One week a particular lunch might send me over 200 and the next to 150. At first my endo argued with me when I asked him about it, he kept saying maybe it wasn’t exactly the same food, I said it was and then he admitted to the med student in the room that this was a problem when doing an OGTT on patients like me, BG control can very. I’ve seen many folks here on TuD who are on insulin (I am not) complain about variation in control that happens to them sometimes too without any apparent rhyme or reason. I’ve actually thought maybe my BG problem had gone away after a few good days, but then things go bad again. The way I see it my pancreas is sputtering along like an old car engine, putting out very little 1st phase insulin most days and over shooting the 2nd phase causing hypos, and then occasionally for whatever reason it gets it together and behaves almost normally. I guess that’s just how gradual onset is, a bit of a BG roller coaster.

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Thanks Lilli,it helps to know I am not the only one experiencing these up and down patterns. I thought too that maybe it was going away..then tonight I ate 1/2 of an italian sub with oil and vinegar and had a 2 hr. post meal reading that was elevated--163. Had the same thing about 1 month ago and had a reading of 122. It can be a confusing ride :)

I have experience similar situations. During the time I was taken meds to control my BG levels. I would eat a a plain salad with light dressing, several hours later my sugar would be over 150. Next day I would eat a hamburger, my levels would drop down to 70. Go figure! What you would think would not shoot your sugar up does. So, far on insulin I have eating salads with no high sugar level, usually in the 120's. I haven't had a hamburger since I've started on insulin. :-(

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Anyway, I've has several such instances. The EXACT same meal on very similar days. The first day's 2 hr PP was 100. Two days later it was 220!

And over the past 5 weeks or so I've had to reduce my TDD by about 30% to keep from crashing. I think I've finally hit the right combination. Good thing too. I start on my pump in one week!

Thanks for the feedback..I still think inflammation may be tied to it too. I've been having trouble with the knuckles on my right hand being stiff. The one next to my pinky has a red bump on it for the past two years and feels sore some days. I know it sounds weird, but I notice that it hurts more when my sugar readings are in the higher range. It's such a little thing in comparison that I don't bother getting it checked out. I guess that kind of stuff happens with age:)