Please sign Petition for Diabetes!

A friend just sent this to me from the care2 petition site. Super easy to sign it and help them reach their signature goal!

In some Native American communities half of the adults suffer from diabetes. Federal prevention and awareness programs are crucial to reducing future incidence.

But funding for these critical programs is set to expire next year! Tell Congress to save funding for diabetes research.

I could tell you more stats -- 24 million Americans have diabetes, one in three children will develop it if current trends continue -- but it comes down to a simple fact:
For millions the research and programs funded by the Special Diabetes Program mean the different between dying young and living a long, full life.

The Special Diabetes Program is the government's more crucial commitment to fighting diabetes, and it's already led to major improvements in care. Don't let funding dry up, especially while diabetes is on the rise.

Urge Congress to make the Special Diabetes Programs a priority.

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