Phase 1 complete, phase 2 beginning

Laser surgery is done, and I am ashamed to admit wasn’t bad at all. I had a fairly good panic attack before the bloody procedure even started (my eye had just been dilated, and I was waiting to be called back again). I guess I’m just weird, and I’ll have to deal with it. Overall the doc did 550 blasts, which he considered a light treatment, and I go back in a month to “see what things look like.”

Now, phase 2… Notihng having to do with my eyes, but it IS diabetes related of course. What ISN’T anymore? I had a doctor appointment last week, or two weeks ago, I dunno. Had routine lab tests done, etc, but then got a call from the receptionist saying that my doctor wanted to see me back in clinic again this week. I hadn’t gotten a chance to see my lab results, as there’s a program that allows me to see them online after my doctor finalizes them. Actually I had seen one result, and my creatinine was high, but two other tests in relation to that were okay, so I wasn’t sure. My doctor is a bit conservative, so I didn’t know if she’d want to see me back right away because of one test (she’ll usually just send me a message on that program or give me a call on the phone) or what.

Anyway, it was because my liver enzymes are elevated. They’ve been perfect for years, but since I’m diabetic and on a statin she is going to see why they’re suddenly elevated. The best guess at the moment is fatty infiltrate, which is common in diabetics, women of childbearing age, and people who are overweight (I am cursed with all three). Something called NASH, the letters of which I can’t recall, could be it as well, or even the same thing. They don’t know what causes it, and it’s a benign condition, but since I am a diabetic on a statin…blah blah etc etc. Other possibilities that are less likely are gallbladder inflammation or some variety of hepatitis, but I don’t think those are the case.

So I have an ultrasound next week to see if I have little white spots on my liver, and to take a look at my nice little green gallbladder, make sure it’s happy. Talk about having a lot to deal with at once. I’m not all that concerned with this latest development. I know what to expect and I have a little more knowledge about how the liver/gallbladder and all that kinda stuff work. Oh yeah, the nurse and doctor for my eye surgery were wonderfully patient and understanding, and took the time to explain to me how each step of the procedure would go, which helped immensely. They were impressed with how well I dealt with all of it, considering the fact that just before I had been stricken with panic. Another point for me being weird I guess.

Thanks to everyone who read my desperate words, and commented kindly. I can’t say I’m in a good place yet, but I’m not at the edge like I was before. I’m sorta…floating in numbness, but that’s okay, I’ll take it. G’night.

Hi Cara. I’m one of those who gave you a somewhat confusing comment before, so I’m happy to clearly say that I’m glad things are going well for you. Best wishes.

Cara, glad you got through it, and thanks for checking in. did they give you instructions post-laser, such as not picking up anything heavy? wish you a good numbers kind of day.

Glad the procedure is over for now. You proved to yourself you could do it. You will be able to get thru anything you have to in order to stay healthy.