Pho Soup anyone?

Naomi’s #1 favorite food is Pho. We’ve had it one time since she was dx’d. I’d like to get it for her to have this weekend one time as a birthday meal. Anybody have tips for carb counting on cooked rice noodles? I’ll bring it home and add the noodles here so I can weigh them out but my carb count last time and the matching insulin I gave last time didn’t match, her bg went up, up and away! Thanks!

I would think the noodles would be the majority of carbs in it wouldnt it?

1 cup of cooked rice noodles should be right around 43 carbs.

Some foods do that regardless of how perfect you are on carb counting. I know many people say their kids shoot high with pasta or breakfast cereals regardless of how well they count the carbs.

Do you remember what you used for the carbs last time?

Thanks! I don’t remember what I used last time. Okay so maybe the problem was that I might have weighed out 8 oz on the scale for 1 cup of cooked rice noodles rather than the 6.2 oz. When do I use 8 oz as the proper measurement for 1 cup? Dumb question? Maybe, but apparently I don’t know the answer and it would be a good one to know! :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help guys!

That does make sense. Thank you!!!

One of my girls needs to be dosed about 20 minutes prior to eating cereal to avoid the spike, and the same daughter needs her normal shot right before with take out pizza, and then about ANOTHER unit about an hour and a half after she finishes eating. Isn’t it lovely that we need to keep all these little tricks stored away in our D brain!

My son loves General Tsao Chicken and we tried it once since he was diagnosed and had to totally wing the carb count because we cant find a good count to rely on. I have seen such huge differences for it…like 30 at one place to 75 at another. So we tried meeting in the middle and he ran high. I could kick myself because I didnt write down what we used so that we could edge it up a bit and see if that works better.

Spanish rice when we eat out at mexican is another one that varies drastically. Sometimes it is 30 carbs a cup, sometimes it is 80. Yikes! What so they put into it?

I heard with Chinese food there is some cornstarch in the sauces - I think that is what makes the sugars go up and up. When the kids are on a pump you can “extend” the bolus (for pizza we do 65% up front and the remaining 35% is given over a 2 hour period) - sounds like the giving shots later or bolusing again later is doing the same thing.

I find Chinese food to be the hardest to estimate the carbs.