Phone apps that people use

My endo mentioned she thought there was an app out there that sent the Libre sensor reading to your phone and we got into a discussion that why couldn’t your phone be turned into an alarm that went off if the reading was too low. That would mean the phone was continuously reading the sensor to do that and she had no idea if there was anything out there that did that. She wants me now on the Dexcom so I have alerts as I do drop at night sometimes. But I was looking for apps that might be useful and I know when people have talked about different issues they will mention aps they use but it is under various subjects.

I went to a couple of the app sites, but they don’t actually give you that much information out there about what they do. And I’m sure there are other people like me that would like to know what apps people are using, what they do and what they they like about them. It seems like most of the app discussion threads are dated now and the Libre sensor for one is relatively new so there has to be updated information out there. She also mentioned a carb counter site she really liked and I don’t remember which it was!!!

So what do you guys like to use in the way of apps? And why?
Thanks, everyone!

There is a very nice write up somewhere on this blog (in the last day or two) on the MiaoMiao which turns the Freestyle Libre into a. Fully functional Cgm with alarms.

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I use the Spike app with the Blucon transmitter but I’ve heard the MiaoMiao is much better as far as staying connected goes so if I could afford to purchase another device I would go with that one. All of the transmitters commercially available have their own apps but they are either clunky or in another language. The Spike app is fairly easy to use if even I, the technically challenged one can get it running so I heartily recommend it.