Photo Blog For Diabetes blog week- Getting Ready

Getting Ready

One of the things that a Diabetic with Rheumatoid Arthritis does a lot is get ready. This is my photo blog of the things I have done to get ready this week. The pill sort is a weekly activity, the set change occurred on Saturday May 17, and the getting ready to go out is a daily event.

Getting reading for mornings:

Getting ready for evenings

Getting ready for a set change

Getting ready to go out



I will never again complain of how much stuff I have to deal with:-)

i write everything i n a lttle log book so i don't forget
my pills come a 7 day container
i write down when i need to set change

The very first diabetes book I read was Gretchen Becker's wonderful intro to the first year of living with T2. One line I've never forgotten went something like: Spontaneity is no more, BUT gradually you learn a certain flexibility.....

Holy crap rick, all that for a set change ? Here's mine ![|549x480](upload://qX1n3OdRaTgrrzLmJ3J0jv4nk3W.jpeg)