Physical Activity to manage diabetes

Managing diabetes is all about one thing only: bringing down my blood sugars, physical activities play a vital role in managing diabetes.
Start with what is your fitness goal and share some of the ways that you meet your fitness goals every week to help others.

I agree that that is half the equation. Keeping blood glucose safely above the hypo line is the other half of the game.

Some people strategically use anaerobic activities like weight lifting to boost blood sugar without eating anything. Have you ever done that?

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And your reason for that response is?

I have no idea who fight T2 is or his motif

But as along term well controlled T2 non insulin dependent , the thought that I need to do things to increase my BG just is not part of what i need to consider.

I didn’t understand that @fightT2 doesn’t take insulin. I can now see his and your viewing exercise as lowering blood glucose without the fear of hypoglycemia.

My follow-on comment about some activities actually raising blood sugar is just something I found interesting. Of course you don’t need to consider treating hypos. That must make life easier!

I didn’t mean to be mysterious. I exercise every day. I walk 100 miles per month. It helps with my diabetes a lot.

I am not diabetic, but my dad is. I am checking on multiple options that currently people are using to recommend my dad. As per CDC, it says diabetic doesn’t lift heavy weights.

i was checking if any one tried any online fitness programs to meet there fitness goals apart from traditional fitness programs, that you guys recommend.

I used a private trainer or group exercise for years. Plus i live across the bstreet from the gym, the running track, and Golden gate Park with 20 miles of pathways, lots of physical activity. I use a Garmin watch as an activity tracker. I also only use my car only absolutely necessary i can walk pretty much everywhere. So I don’t use. a specific program,

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Physical activity reduces insulin resistance, which is a major factor in diabetes. What is insulin resistance. The cell walls of our 6 trillion cells reduce admittance of insulin in the cell to burn sugar/fat to produce energy. The excercise forces the insulin into cell thereby reducing free sugar. May be I am getting too technical–sorry.

It sure does lower it. Technical is fun.


sorry i visited your answer so late. Can you please verbalize the charts you send me.

Weight lifting doesn’t have to be heavy to work to lower blood sugar levels.
And cardio/aerobic exercise does not have to be strenuous to work.
Much has to do with the regularity of the workouts. I have always had to do at least a little bit every day (and often at night) to keep my blood sugar normalized.

Is anybody mall-walking? Do you think it would be safe during this corona-time? With a mask?

It depends on policy at mall. If mall allows people in wo mask, your chance increases.

I only enter stores that require all to wear mask. Unfortunately some customers and employees think it’s fine to mask over mouth only, while breathing through nose…

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@MM1 At our Sam’s Club there is a security guard at the entrance, badged and all, making sure everyone who enters is wearing a mask. If they aren’t they give them one. As we walk through the store, the number of people who are not wearing a mask or are partially wearing one, is a lot.

We use Sam’s Club to walk @dogramma, not the mall. I can hold onto a cart at Sam’s Club and that helps to stabilize me. I feel more normal with a cart than I do using a walker.


Costco does same, but once past entrance, some remove mask or uncover nose. But small percent.

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