Physical confidence restored after covid

Not being out and doing stuff for so long was really taking a toll on my confidence that I could. I had one bad low BG that took a bit of a toll.

But, I’ve been out doing everything under the sun now. That bit of lab rat, self experimentation in controlled settings has really helped restore confidence that I can do physical things again. Other diabetics in town here, I think, are starting to do the same things.


I have been outdoors in the sun more in the past 15 months than I had EVER BEFORE IN MY LIFE.

Since entering lockdown and working at home, the two hours of my commute were replaced with two hours of outdoors exercise and I’ve been able to hit 10,000-15,000 steps every day for the past 15 months.

Just a few months in I had learned a lot about exercise and how it affects my bg with respect to insulin absorption. Part of this was the school of hard knocks with hypos, but the plus side was learning how insulin followed by a few thousand steps is way more effective at getting a rapid kicking-in effect.

Now I’m back to commuting to work (bus and train) several days a week but have been regularly replacing parts of the bus or rail trips with walking, with increased confidence as to what it’s going to do to my bg or more effectively control my bg.


This highly effective one-two punch is an amazing tactic to use! It looks like you have well utilized the quarantine period forced on us. It seems to have given you the opportunity to revisit diabetes basics, a boot-camp of sorts. Congrats on your wise choice!

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I had always known (from finger sticks) that exercise can make insulin kick in quicker. Heck I remember the nurses telling me this back in the days of urine testing too.

But having a CGM on, and being able to determine my own exercise schedule, really took me to a much higher level in terms of understanding the detailed timing.

@Tim12 – Watching a CGM respond to insulin, food, and exercise shows the power of its ability to teach. Anyone with a dysfunctional glucose metabolism, without regard to diabetes type, should have access to this technology. Seeing the CGM line with your own eyes, in real time, is amazingly persuasive.

That’s fantastic, Tim12. Good lab rat-ing. I guess strange health events always push understanding of illness. Things have been going remarkably well on this end. I’m doing lots of physically challenging things, but I am not doing them alone. So far, so good. :grin:

Yesterday I went water sliding with a friend who is also trying to get back in shape. Lots of running up flights of stairs. Look at the data!


Crap. My brain started doing some kinda nuclear melt down thing last night. I think it was a combination low BG-partial seizure. Was able to recover by laying in the driveway on the cold concrete in my underwear until I felt like I could eat a granola bar. Very close call, though. Time to “tone it down,” on all the adventuring. :grimacing: I found the limit of what I can and cannot do.

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Do you have a cgm? Because partial seizure sounds worrisome.
I pretty much don’t have low reactions since I started on cgm.
I still dip low sometimes. My pump catches most of them and I eat carb if I need to.
I have become very dependent on my pump and cgm. I don’t worry when I go to bed like I used to. I can skip a meal if I want.
I feel confident traveling alone on business.

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Its not from diabetes. Its epilepsy.
Its been so hot here for so long, I’ve been not coming out until nightfall.
There is more fun here than I ever imagined could exist. But very little sleep. That provokes partial seizures. I’m trying to turn down the fun volume.
However, One large challenge has emerged. I’ve been running around with this hot construction dude who’s an impressive sculptor. I think he used to be a Pentecostal youth minister. He’s nuts. I have one goal and one goal only - to make this dude see Jesus in the bedroom. I know that I am getting close…Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Official Video) - YouTube


Total success. At one point, I must of dropped a cigarette because a fire started. There was, however, no explanation for much of the damage apparent come morning. This one is a LOT of fun. Physical confidence is officially restored. But, he’s installed colored, flashing lights on everything - when you turn on any facet or shower head, everything lights up like a disco tech. That means I’m in an environment of increased seizure risk.