Ping vs omnipod

well, changing to a pach pump wouldn’t be my main problem, but to me, the omnipod does carry some outdated stuff with it self, like the fact that you cannot separate the set from the insulin cartridge, plus the PDM that looks like a cell phone from the 70s.
while i support your opinion that i dont wanna change to the omnipod, i cannot say that i would never ever change to a tubeless pump at all, if there would be a better option in the future :slight_smile:
tubeless has its advantages, even if the tubing isnt as horrible as some make it sound… sometimes i have been more aware of my pod than i am now of my tubed medtronic :relaxed:

It’s so funny how we all have our hangups!! :slight_smile: I didn’t go on a pump for 30 plus years because just the thought of something hanging off me 24/7 and tubing snaking around was awful.
When on MDI, the only time I felt “different” was the few seconds I had to shoot up. People now ask me where do I wear my pump and I have to feel around my body to remember where it is! I can place it on a leg when wearing a tight dress. Like someone said, the PDM is in my purse with my phone and wallet and I always have my purse with me so when I need the pdm, it’s there. Unlike the pumps that are visible all the time, where looks would definitely be important, this stays in my purse until needed so who cares what it looks like. When changing out the pod I have 3 items in front of me, the pump, my vial and a syringe and it takes 2 minutes to change and if something goes wrong I can pull out the insulin and place into the new pump. When I travel I grab the compact little package with pod and syringe and take off. In fact, I always keep one pod change with me in my purse with my vial. I once changed my pod at a table in a restaurant!
If and when I have to change I’m sure I’ll adjust, we all have to don’t we, but I am seriously considering going back to MDI instead! :smile: