Ping vs omnipod

Anyone do the switch from the ping to the omnipod? I have been thinking about it because I’m starting to get tired of the tubing, but I’m nervous about changing systems. I have also read some not so favorable posts regarding the omnipod.

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I’ve been on the Omnipod almost two years and absolutely love it.

There were some problems when the new system came out two years ago, basically working out the kinks in the new pod design. However, I’ve had pretty flawless operation for the last year+, with maybe 3 or 4 pod failures.

Changing over should be pretty simple. Give the Insulet sales line a call (the number’s on and they’ll have a local sales droid get in touch. They can handle everything.

I think users’ experiences vary - it works for some and doesn’t for others. My son has been using OmniPod for 8 years. We’ve been happy. No tubing has always been important to us. I think there are pros and cons to every system, it’s just a matter of what’s important to the user.

I’ve written a couple of reviews - one is here.
I mention some common concerns that users have, but I cannot provide a comparative opinion as Caleb has only used OmniPod.

The Princess and the Pump has used both. As has Sugabetic Perhaps their perspectives would be useful. :smile:

I would not expect the changeover to be as simple as @Dave26 promises. i was able to try out the omnipod for one month for free one and a half years ago, after having been with a medtronic pump for 8 years. i went back to medtronic after that. some reasons why:
while pen users are used to carrying around their pens (and therefore won’t be bothered by carrying around a PDM), i have made the experience that thinking about the PDM and not forgetting it was a huge problem for me. i also struggled with the fact that once the pod fails, it is failed and cannot be reanimated, the set change times are very strict and i have also found the pod to be bulky.
i am not trying to scare you away from the pod. as you have seen, many people have made great experiences with it, and i also liked a lot of features like the lack of tubing, the fact that PDM and BGmeter are one, pods are waterproof, etc.
for me, in the end, i made a list of pros and cons and the cons just overweighed the pros. it was a personal choice for me. i am just trying to give you another point of view, not that you have all heard good and then make the switch and are completely unhappy.
think your decision through and if possible, try it out for a month or so.
good luck, Angela


Personally, I feel very strongly that if you can take it for a test drive before you buy, that’s the best way to approach it. However, if you can not negotiate that option, apparently you can at least request the “FREE OmniPod Demo Kit” so you can get some idea of what wearing one might be like. At least do that if you haven’t already.

@irrational_John well, thankfully i had the option to do this here in Switzerland. they have the rule that if you dont like it after the first month, you can give everything back and wont pay anything, so it is basically a free trial. omni pod demo kit doesnt hurt, but for me personally the eye opener was this huge change of organization i had to go through, i was perfectly organized on what to keep where when i was on my medtronic (and still am) and when i made the change i was totally bummed. but i see, in america they arent as generous as they are here…

Reflecting on it a bit more, I guess I’m puzzled what felt so different for you about it? In my case I already have the goal of taking my BG meter with me everywhere I go. How was it different with the Omnipod PDM/BG meter combo?

My problem with the Omnipod is very personal & emotional. Folks who love the Omnipod often mention how they hate tubing and I’ve never been able to empathize. Similarly I expect Omnipod folk wouldn’t be able to relate to what I hate about the Omnipod.

I’m very put off by the thought of how much waste must be involved in using it … The thought of tossing out all the electronics plus a battery plus a pump motor plus &deity. only knows what else every two to three days? :scream:

It’s just the way I’m wired. <sigh />

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@irrational_John the garbage thing is another huge problem for me, too. however, i could send my pods back to Ypsomed and was told that 90% were being recycled there.
but i did have a big problem with organization.
the PDM and the spare pod required A LOT more space than my meter (which is the freestyle libre, so way smaller) and spare pump set. i had to use another bag for that stuff, which didnt fit in my purse i use when i go out, so it was just a huge pain in the ■■■.
while this might not be understandable for anyone else, it was a big thing for me and i was just not willing to arrange everything new for that change.

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Count me as a Pod loyalist. Had a Medtronic pump for years and switched to Omnipod because it was tubeless. Everyone brings up good points. There are pluses and minuses to every pump. Personally, I never had an issue carrying the PDM (plus now that I use Afrezza for bolus and corrections I don’t feel the need to carry the PDM with me everywhere), but I understand where that might turn some off. For me, the tubeless aspect of the Omnipod well outweighs any of the concerns/negatives. Plus, I never wear my pod in my stomach. I love the flexibility to wear it on my arms and my calves. Occlusions, priming errors etc are not mutually exclusive to the Omnipod ; they happen with all pumps. Take a test drive if you can and good luck with your decision. It’s nice to have so many choices these days!!!

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Just got my Pod recycle bag. Came with postage prepaid :smiley:


Hi guys, does anyone have a problem with chat ??? It doesn’t work for me

Calves!!! never thought of that. I’ll have to give that a try with the next one.

I was on the pod for 4 years, and now on the Vibe. I like both, but for different reasons. Ill list my pros and cons for each, CGM notwithstanding on the Vibe:

Pros for pod: tubeless, integrated BG tester with the pdm
Cons: typically FAR more expensive than traditional pump supplies, even with insurance, MUST carry the pdm with you at all times, the pod is bulkier than a traditional pump site and can get in the way sleeping, bumping it off if wearing on the arm.

Pros for Ping (which I had before the Vibe): lowest basal increments at .025u, waterproof (but so is the pod), dont have to carry a pdm with you, integrated BG meter/remote (same as pod)
Cons for Ping: tubing

So thats my .02 worth. I like both pumps equally, but for me the Ping edges out the pod for not having to carry the pdm with me. Ive never had to adjust basals down to .025, so thats a non-issue for me. Personally, tubing doesnt bother me AT all so thats not an issue for me.


DanP -

I am glad you gave this pro/con listing of the Ping/Vibe vs. Omnipod. I’m not pumping but if I’m ever given the chance, it would be a 3 way tie including the Snap. And with me being I’m a major clutzoid since birth, it’ll probably be much safer to choose between the Snap and the Vibe.

7 o’clock news break: “Woman rushed into emergency surgery, after insulin pod caught in car door and was ripped off. Video at 10 pm.”


I have ripped out pods from a car door…a few times LOL no ER required, but it should makes you cuss!

O.k. good to know. :smile:

Been on the Pod for about 6 years or so, love, love, love it and hope and pray I never have to switch to a tubed pump. That seems so outdated with all the current technology now.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smile:
Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way but with one crucial difference. I hope and pray I never have to switch to a patch pump. :wink:

I have never ever been able to get my head … or gut … around what it is about the tubing which is such a deal breaker for some. I sort of lump it in with fear of spiders, snakes, et alia as something that is very very real to the people who feel that way, but I’ll never be able to truly empathize. It just doesn’t resonate for me. :expressionless: :confused:

For me there is an ad hoc pragmatism to the tubing which I prefer. Not claiming that’s how it is only that this is how I feel about it. I assume it is much the same way for the people who love the Omnipod & other patch pumps.

I really like the fact that I can change my infusion set without changing out the entire unit. It’s an emotional decision, not a logical one. But then I often don’t switch the reservoir when I switch infusion sets either. As I said, just how I’m wired.

Oh, well … different strokes for different folks …

I agree with you, John. Caleb is not open to considering a tubed pump. I think if he tried it, he would adapt and it wouldn’t be an issue. But in his mind tube=tethered and that translates to an image that is probably greater than reality. That said, for Caleb, given the fact that he dances competitively, trains in gymnastics and plays baseball, I think the Pod provides a valid convenience for him.

I think in his mind it’s also more discreet. Everyone around him knows he has diabetes, but he likes to downplay it. For him I think he feels holding the controller is less obvious than a pump that’s connected to him. So there’s an emotional element in play too.

I switched from MDI to Omnipod almost 2 years ago. It was the only pump I considered after 38 years of injections. My co-worker has been pumping with Medtronic for over 10 years and seeing the pump clipped to his belt and the tubing snaking around just creeped me out. I swim just about every day and am sensitive to minute basal rate changes so the waterproof aspect of the Pod was a big consideration. If I had to disconnect every time I hit the water I’m not sure a tubed pump would have provided any extra control than staying on MDI. I always have my purse with me so the PDM goes in with my phone, wallet, keys, strips, lancet etc. I don’t have to carry my blood glucose meter because that is integrated into the PDM. The first few months with the pods were challenging to say the least. Getting the settings correct and optimized for me was really difficult. Initially I had a bunch of occlusions and failures and pod alarms that really made me question whether I had made the right choice. Through it all the Insulet customer service dept.was exceptional. They gladly replaced my failed pods and have been responsive and helpful when I have called. Since that initial breaking in period it has been smooth sailing. This year my pod failure rate is less than 5% and on May 12th I will celebrate my 40th Diaversary. I am grateful to be healthy and complication free. While some of that good fortune is attributable to good genes some of the credit has to go to Omnipod.

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