I am brand new to the forum.

I am on my third Animas pump going back to the 1000. I also use the Dexcom (in addition to a diabetic alert dog). My understanding is that both Animas and Tandem are in talks with Dexcom to integrate with Animas already having the Vibe in Europe. I think this will be key to the next pump I aquire as my warrenty is up in May of 2015. This may have been discussed to death in the past, but has anyone heard which will be first in the US and a possible date?


Well, the rumor is that Animas has gotten indication from the FDA that the Vibe will receive approval by January. There have been rumors before that haven't come to fruition, but this one seems more reliable. Plus it's already been 18 months since the application, so it's already overdue.

I believe Tandem didn't put in their FDA application until July of this year. Considering the usual 12-18 months for approval (and the Vibe's 18 months already), it seems pretty unlikely it would be approved before your warranty is up in May.

Thanks. I will be Watching.