Anyone who watches carbs miss pizza?

I was never a big pizza eater, but we often ordered it as it was convenient when I worked late, so my husband and kids did have a taste for it. When we moved to the sticks (seriously we are in the sticks), there were no pizza places at all. If we want to have even half-way decent pizza, we have to drive about 30 miles. Since even one slice messes with my BS severely, I improvised. Here is what I do when the kids are jonesing for a pizza. (I know I saw this on a low-carb site, but not sure where.)

For the crust, I buy the leanest ground beef I can find, nothing less than 93/7. I add about 1/4 cup grated fresh parmesan cheese and whatever spices we want (oregano, a little cayenne to give it some heat, etc.). Mix well and then spread out as thinly as possible on a pan (I actually use my grilling pan with the slots so that the grease just falls through into the lower section. Cook this until it is done. It will shrink some. After it is completely done, I transfer it to another pan and slather it with some low-carb spaghetti sauce, then add whatever toppings my kids want. They love spinach, so usually spinach, bellpepper, onion, mushroom, banana peppers, then top that with shredded low-fat mozarella cheese and a little more fresh parmesan. Sometimes, they just have to have pepperoni, so I just leave a corner without pepperoni for me as there is already a whole lot of meat with the crust. I serve that with a salad and whole grain rolls. My kids love pizza night!

gonna have to try this. I LOVE pizza!!! I once was able to eat 2 pepporoni pizza slices no crust and a chicken ceasar salad and my sugar was still ok. only once though, usually I only have 1 slice and salad. at home I make pizzas using flat out bread. (I think the site is reg sauce cheese pepporonies ham then I bake it for about 10 mins. Its yummy and filling. and only 17 CARBS!!! I use the multigrain kind the regular kind is over 20 carbs.

I like to make a pizza crust out of summer squash and cracker crumbs. That cuts the carbs by a lot and adds an extra serving of veggies, too.

I just saw a recipe for a pizza crust with zuchinni too. Can’t wait to try that one!

I found this in magazine I read.

Instead of pizza crusts, I used a 10-inch tortilla. Spread some olive oil on it and I toped it with turkey pepperoni (you can’t tell the diffenrence) bell peppers, olives - pretty much whatever you want.

Bake it for about 10 minutes - it’s very crisp when it comes out of the oven and I love thin crust, so this works for me. I made tons of these and sliced them up for my sister’s bridal shower and people seemed to like them. If anyone wants the real recipe, I’ll find it and e-mail it to you.

Even better yet, look into whole grain tortillas - I’ve found some that contain so much fiber that they only have 3-5g of carb each. They are kind of an acquired taste, but it only takes a few tries.

I love pizza! I am on an insulin pump, and my approach is to calculate the carbs, then take a little over half the insulin right away, with the same amount over the next 6 hours. It does really well and my sugars don’t usually spike or drop. I had to experiment a lot to perfect it, but I enjoyed that too. :slight_smile: So if I would take 6 units for two pieces of pizza, I’ll take 3.5 units now, then another 3.5 over 6 hours. If there isn’t a lot of cheese I reduce the square wave to 4 hours. I am Type 1, so I know this doesn’t help those of you who aren’t on pumps, but I got the technique from someone else I “met” online, so I thought I’d share.

I do the same thing - take some (I take even less than half) when I’m eating and the rest over the next 4 hours or so. It works really well and has made me able to eat pizza again!