PJs for the Cure!

A leading intimate apparel company has launched a program that donates 100% of sales (not just profits) to the JDRF! Read more at ladadeeda.com

Thanks for the link Shannon. In the process of finding out if they ship outside of the USA (they show free shipping - but don’t state much more). Hope they do ship, as I want to order up a few - big supporter of JDRF here in Canada (we don’t have the same thing as the USA due to our smaller population. Sigh - only in American - but maybe I can prove that wrong once I hear back from JDRF! Here’s the link for the pj’s that Shannon writes about.

Hey!! no men’s jammies? I feel slighted and am going to go pout

I KNEW someone was going to comment on the lack of men’s jammies :wink:

I double what Scott said! However I believe we can try buying the gray or the blue women BG and have the biggest size, no one will notice!! ;o)

PJs and a cure!!! Two of my favorite things!! Al, please post pics!!

Scott, don’t worry…you’ll get over it! Ha

I doubt it, the emotional scars run deep, Brenda, deep I say

oh Scott I think you’d look stunning in a pair of pink jamjams, or perhaps fun dinosaur print? I’m leaning towards the sports league print myself.

Thanks, pink is a pretty good color for me, tho I prefer a darker red. Now dinosaurs…

I ordered the grey stripe (with the pink trim) pjs. I can’t wait to get them! I LOVE wearing PJs, sitting in a comfy chair by the fire, with a good book, and a cup of (sugar free) hot cocoa. Ah, happiness . . .