Did anyone see these cool "I Pump" and "I Test" tshirts, they are really cool

I get a newsletter weekly from Pump Wear Inc. www.pumpwearinc.com and they have just come out with some really cool t-shirts that I think are pretty cool, some say “I Pump” and are done in cool colors or rhinestone lettering, and some say I Test"

I thought since next month is diabetes awareness day and national diabetes awareness month that they would make really cool conversational pieces.

They also added a lot of cases especially for the cozmo pump, that have clear fronts ,

you can view all of their new products under New Products in there store.

Hope you enjoy,

and remember lets spread the word that its time for a cure!!! Keri

I have a tshirt I bought from Cafe Press that says Diabetes borrows my finger everyday, one day soon I hope to give Diabetes the finger.

Love these shirts!!! The I Test is in rhinestones, how cool is that, so nice to see some really creative ideas on how to call attention to diabetes.

These t-shirts are awesome. Thank you so much for the website address. We have nothing like this in Australia - I have already ordered a couple of things.

I am in love with this site! I love those shirts they even have a baby size! thanks for sharing, molly