Please help! blood in infusion site?

I was just changing my site for the first time at home and I took it out cause there was blood in the canula after i took the needle out. I took the site out but was wondering before I try again if I need to take it out if it does it again? I am using Sihoutte sets.

Thanks Dave.

In your case I would say it is probably because your only supposed to leave it in for 2 to 3 days. mine did it when I inserted it.

Could be you pulled the line…inadvertently…sleeping or changing cloths? This is just a little yank that moves the cannula in your tissue enough to cause bleeding. Any trauma to the site will cause a bleed and then the blood pushes back up the iv set. PS: I leave my sets in more than 3 days and this only happens initially (hit a capillary as Dave mentioned) or when I have accidentally pulled it. In either case, must remove the set and put in a new one. Take care and hope this helps. May also wish to discuss w/ doc or RN educator if it happens frequently.