Blood at injection site

I’ve recently been noticing blood at my sites and they are becoming painful when I attach to my body. Should I be concerned or am I doing something wrong all of a sudden?

Bleeding as soon as you insert? I get one of those every now and then. I also find that they can end up being painful sometimes. What kind of set are you using? You could try using one the ones that don’t go as deep, designed for thinner people. If you notice it happening in a particular area (for me it’s my legs) then maybe give that area a rest for a bit. And if you consistently see any redness, swelling, tenderness, or other signs of inflammation then you should ask your doc about moving to a steel set (teflon causes issues for some people).

I don’t know if it is as soon as I insert, I have an instant pain and it will last for a few hours. I notice blood probably a few hours later or a day later. I use a quick set, but I’m not sure what size it is. I only rotate between my backside because I can’t seem to get the set all the thru on other sites of my body.

I would contact your manufacturer’s pump support folks to discuss this a bit more, see if they will send you some other infusion set samples like the Sure-T(?).

I would also look for a site where you haven’t worn a set before. About every 6 months, I use the top of my thighs. It is not the most comfy site, but it gives my stomach, back and buttocks a brief rest. For me it is sooo incredibly important that I rotate my sites and change my sites every 2 days.

Fair Winds,

I’ve never tried my thighs because I move around a lot and my tubes are not long enough. I think my best thing to do is call medtronic and see what they can do.

The three key considerations in choosing an infusion site are:

rotation, rotation and rotation.

Rotate areas of the body, rotate within the area and rotate the type of set.

I use the left and right side of my abdomen and the left and right flank and make a star pattern at each site.

But if you think you’ve got enough sites to rotate to, take Mike’s advice and get a set that inserts at an angle, like the Silhouette or Sure-T. Medtronics will send you both types. You might also want to try a shorter cannula.

When I bleed it’s usually because the insertion has gone too deep, past the skin. And that’s always uncomfortable for the entire time the set is in. I can practically feel the end of the cannula scraping against the muscle beneath the epidermis. I don’t get that when I use the Silhouettes.

Have you noticed whether the end of the canulla is bent when you remove it from a site that’s bleeding? That’s a sign that you’ve hit an obstruction, like muscle or a scar.


Maybe call and ask them to try the Silhouette? You can change the angle so that it doesn’t go as deep. I also use the quicksets, and even the 6mm sometimes give me trouble.