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I have a tandem T-slim X2 Pump and it will randomly shut off and die at 55%. I’ve called tandem 3 times now about this and I was quote told “human error” since it wasn’t plugged in every day it was my fault, this is complete BS. Has anyone else had a problem like this and we’re you able to fix it?

I have no experience with this pump, but here’s a long topic on the subject of charging the T-slim – at the very least you might meet some of our members who do use it

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That is total BS. The T Slim does not require daily charging. Daily charging is recommended by Tandem but they do not require it.

I regularly allow my pump to run to a 20% charge before recharging and have suffered no problems in almost four years.

You should demand a more suitable answer from Tandem.


I have the same pump as you but am relatively new to it. (I had to switch from Animas because they went out of business). I would call Tandem again and try to get a different person on the line. It shouldn’t die at 55%. I’m a worrywart and charge it daily (plugging it in while I’m in the shower seems like the best way), so I haven’t seen what happens when it gets below 80%. But most electronic devices are okay until nearly 5%. I definitely believe you that it’s not your fault. It seems like a problem with your pump.

I know these suggestions aren’t too out-of-the-box, but I hope they help. And if they don’t help, I hope someone is able to help you.

@Tanner. You should talk to your doctor or endocrinologist that oversees your diabetes treatment. Ask them for the name, phone number and email address of the local Tandem Company Representative in your area. They will know who he or she is, as they are always calling on them to push there products and leave samples. You will get more cooperation and help from the Local Tandem Company Representative talking to the corporate office for you to resolve the problem. Make sure you explain your problem and the flustration you are experiencing with the Tandem Corporate personnel with your medical professional, so they can also back you up to get resolution to this problem. This equipment is life sustaining and they don’t want to hear patients fearing for their safety using it. Plus they were the ones that probably recommended this pump for your medical condition. It is my experience that the Local Diabetes Durable Medical Equipment Representatives (Tandem & Dexcom) make resolution of such problems happen almost immediately with there corporate offices and even faster when a doctor/endocrinologist gets involved into it. Good luck resolving your problem.

@Tanner FWIW I completely agreed with @Stemwinder_Gary. I regularly go 5 to 6 days between charges and am down to 10% before charging (for last several years). @Rich74 is on point by getting your Endo to contact the local rep. This pump has a power supply issue that could become life threatening, and needs to be replaced.

I also say whoever gave you that info wasn’t very knowledgeable about the battery life. I can let mine get down to under 20% with no problems. And I have pushed it to me getting an alarm warning me to recharge. I also don’t worry about the charging as being a hassle. I charge when I am driving and when I sit down to watch tv. I also have a portable charger that I have used when I’m walking around at work. I just put the charger and cords into my pocket and in less than 30 minutes it’s done.
I think there is a problem with this pump. I’ve had 2 Tandems and have never had this problem. Using your rep is probably a good idea. Having a personal connection with someone can help get you the right person to talk to. Good luck!

@Tanner, do you have Lantus or backup long term insulin? You will not be able to go long without it. You can always buy NPH over the counter at Walmart pharmacy. Do you know how much of that to take?

Yeah I always have backup insulin because you can’t predict what will happen with this technology. Thank you for making sure though!

I usually charge it while I’m in the shower, it charges to a 100% in about 25 minutes. Or when I’m sleeping is another good time. Any other questions I’d be happy to answer!

Sorry wrong person!

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