Tandem X2 battery life

Anyone have an issue with the X2 battery running out? On 2 occasions within a week of each other my fully charged battery (100%) lost all charge within 6 hours. First was after a flight heading pump only had 15% left, second was at a dinner party pump screaming battery was at 5% then dying.

I called Tandem the first time and the rep said call us if it happens again. After the second time they sent a replacement. Now the replacement did it! It went from 100% to 20% in about 6 hours. I carry a battery cell in my purse now and my time out is set to 15 secs, just in case.

Curious if anyone else has experienced this with their X2. I had a T:slim for 5 years and always had plenty of battery life.

Call Tandem Tech Support back again. It may be frustrating but that is the only reasonable approach.

The X2 battery should last 7 days when NOT integrated with the Dexcom and 5 days when cgm integrated.

I may not understand your last sentence. Are you saying you had the original t:slim for 5 years and have now recently received a new pump which is the t:slim X2 ?

Tim35, yes I had the tslim for 5 years and upgraded to the X2 in May. I will call Tandem, but I was curious if anyone else out there had the same experience. it is a crazy coincidence.

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I’ve had 1 warranty replacement pump that had a bad battery. It would charge from 40% to 100 in less than 2 minutes. The battery meter would hop around and not decrease smoothly as I used the pump. I monitored this behavior for a few hours, then called Tandem to request another pump. They apologized, and overnighted another one.

I’ve had the same issue, and I am beyond frustrated. One replacement pump already. Replacement pump still averages two days battery life (paired to Dexcom). The trainer told me I should quickly clear all alarms - that those will drain the battery. But the battery isn’t my only problem: I just replaced my Dexcom sensor…and got a message saying Malfunction 255 - Bluetooth hardware cannot operate. I get on a flight in less than 12 hours and am looking at no CGM for a week, I guess? Tech support is a joke…the first time I called about the pump battery, it took more than 30 hours to get a call back - the manager couldn’t explain why I wasn’t called. The last time I called tech support, I did get a call back - at 3am (so impossible for this mom of an infant to get back to sleep before my alarm went off for work). And I have just left my number with the tech support line again…I’m guessing they will call back tomorrow when I’m on the plane. I’m sorry to complain…just, I’ve been where you are and regret ever switching to T:Slim. I don’t trust this pump. When I asked to return it (within 30 days of using it - I still am within my first 90 days on it), I was denied because more than 30 days had passed since the ship date (yes - they include shipping time and time spent waiting for training as your 30 day return period).

Best wishes, seriously. This pump has some great features - love the Basal IQ - but I don’t feel safe with it.

I am so sorry. 3am call back is crazy! WTH?

I still love the X2, it is the best out there. I am willing to ride out the battery issues, and given my gadget addiction, I will just babysit the battery. However am not taking care of an infant at the same time, I totally understand your frustration.

It’s a shame u didn’t have Medicare insurance. They allow returns for one year. the first year, a pump is considered a rental. After the year is up, it’s yours. Also, someone on the forum warned me about the “30 day return” and how it was a bit dishonest–it starts on the shipping date. SNEAKY!!

Having the ability to return a pump for a 12 month period with no questions asked, is a fantastic option. I’ve heard that Medicare patients don’t get brand new pumps. The first pump they receive after they upgrade to a new pump, is actually a refurbished pump. Is this because Medicare rents the pump instead of buying it outright?

I’ll find out when I next speak with Medicare. I’ve had a number of refurbs and can’t tell them from new so I don’t actually care if it is.

I wouldn’t care either. Once you’ve used it for a day, it’s used. You’re guaranteed to have to do a warranty exchange at some point, they’ll send a refurbished pump. I’d get a motor error at least once a year on my Medtronic pumps.

I haven’t had motor errors that i can recall. I’ve had 5 models, beginning in 1996. I’ve had button errors, cracks in the case, and some now-forgotten issues, but I can’t say that I’ve had motor errors.

I never [quote=“Dave44, post:11, topic:79008, full:true”]
I haven’t had motor errors that i can recall. I’ve had 5 models, beginning in 1996. I’ve had button errors, cracks in the case, and some now-forgotten issues, but I can’t say that I’ve had motor errors.

I never had a cracked case. Yeah, the motor errors were the only issue I had with my 723 and 530. Medtronic make good pumps, that will take some heavy abuse. The only reason I’m not still using their products is because of their stupid decisions to remove life saving features on their pump. I could have lived with the goofy design of the 600 series, I could not give up the option to have my wife notified that my blood sugar is dangerously low on her phone. So, we moved to Tandem and Dexcom.

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I use 2 copies of xdrip on our phones. I can see her G5 data and she can see mine. We each have 2 widgets on our home screens. She can also see my data on an old phone that sits on her nightstand. She worries about me too much. LOL!

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Very cool. Be honest, your grandson had to set up all that new-fangled tech for you, huh😂

ah, I’m actually very techie.

I know. The status bar at the top of your screen would drive me crazy.

That is pretty freaking cool !!!

what’s wrong with the status bar? the stuff on the left I can remove with a swipe and a click, until it populates with more notifications. the stuff on the right are status items that are useful. You should see the full home screen, if u don’t like the status bar. I have a 7x6 icon grid, plus 7 icons in the dock. And that’s not my only home screen. :slight_smile: I have LOTS of apps. A bunch of music equipment and music apps, medical portals, banks and other misc stuff. If I don’t need something for a while I delete it. I don’t delete much or often. :slight_smile:

I prefer a streamlined home screen. All those icons would give me options fatigue. My phone is barren compared to yours:

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I remember icons by position and color.