Please vote for my picture!

I’ve entered a contest through Diabetic living and would really love anyone’s help. I need votes in order to win and there were only 5 people that entered the sweepstakes. If I should win I’ll be awarded a 500.00 cash card, T-shirt and my slogan on a T-shirt too. I would really love help from whom ever is willing to give it. Now, you do have to sign up/sign in in order to place your vote, but hey, it’s from Diabetic Living; another great place for diabetics…besides, this is a website for the magazine.

Please help me win (I could sure use 500.00)…

Here is the link: (please note that the pictures are always being moved around…if you see my daughter with her sagging eyes and the slogan “Dang sugars…” that’s mine)…so, look for the “Dang Sugars” picture title.;jsessionid=CVVQ5ZXGSNP15QFIBQ4SCZQ?id=/templatedata/dlv/voting/data/1230914794527.xml&sid=3

again, my picture is the one with the little girl drooping her eyes…oh and, if the link isn’t clickable, just copy and past to your address bar :slight_smile: THANKS A MILLION EVERYONE!!!

Voting ends on the 17th of this month and votes can be entered daily (once per day per person)

I do appreciate any help I can get!!!

-Barbara :slight_smile:

PS- Let me know what you think too (If you wouldn’t mind)!


It is a cute pic! She is funny.

i voted! what a cute picture =)

Sure my dear.I will go to the site now.How are you? and how is your studies?

She is funny!! I just voted. Best of luck.

BTW, a couple of big news: February, we will be featured on Diabetic Living mag and March we will have a contest where we will be giving away subscriptions to the magazine. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Just voted! :slight_smile: I hope you win