Please write a review: WE HAVE UNTIL TOMORROW! Have we touched your life?

Along with the National Association for Health and Fitness, Cancer Schmancer, FACE AIDS, and HopeLab, the Diabetes Hands Foundation (the nonprofit responsible for has partnered with GreatNonprofits and GuideStar to help raise visibility and support for health issues by launching the 2010 Health Nonprofits Campaign.

The campaign will recognize the top-rated nonprofits making a difference in the health of our communities. In 2009 over 450,000 people read reviews of thousands of nonprofits at – written by donors, volunteers, board members and by the general public. These reviews are also visible on GuideStar.

Why am I telling you this? Because you can help us by participating in the 2010 GreatNonprofits Health Campaign.

- Every organization that gathers 10 or more positive reviews during the month of June will make the GreatNonprofits Top-Rated Health Nonprofits List.

- This is another great opportunity for you to share how Diabetes Hands Foundation has helped YOU personally and why you think it’s an important resource for others.

- The Diabetes Hands Foundation can use this resource of powerful and authentic stories to engage donors and volunteers in the future.

- Last, all organizations with 10 or more reviews will be eligible for a GuideStar Health Giveaway.

So, please take a few minutes to visit and write a review about the Diabetes Hands Foundation, sharing why our work on TuDiabetes or any of our other programs has helped you and touched your life.

Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee, but where can you review DHF? It doesn’t appear under search or on the page. I see you listed as a co-sponsor, but that’s it.

You are absolutely right. There was a glitch due to which we weren’t listed.

You can now review us at:

Much better. :slight_smile:

Another thing I just learned today:
“GuideStar is offering $5,000 to the health and medical research organization that solicits the most reviews in June.”

I just posted my review, best of luck with this great opportunity Manny.

Review posted & fingers crossed.

Thanks SO MUCH!!!

I love this site!