Pluggin Myself

I was at the Blogger’s Choice Awards this weekend. And in October when we couldn’t see the number of votes for the top 3 blogger’s in each category, Kerri Morrone was in the Top 3 for Best Health Blog for her blog Six Until Me. And like everything else that I have an opinion about, I have an opinion about her not ending up in the top 3 or possibly winning, she should’ve been there.

I have my diabetes blog, as many of us do, and I’ve gone and voted for all the diabetes blogs that I could find for the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards. And now, I’m going to plug my blog. If we want to see TuDiabetes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, we all had to go plug it. I think that if we all supported each other, we could have blogs in the 2008 Blogger’s Choice awards. And what an accomplishment that would be.

Here’s where I plug my blog In 2007 it was nominated for the Blogger’s Choice Awards in the “Best Charity Blog” Category. Voting has already begun for the 2008 awards, and again, I’m in the “Best Charity Blog” Category.

I think we all have something to say, and I think Diabetes is a worthy cause. I’m asking for your support.

Vote for Ride to Remedy in the 2008 Blogger’s Choice Awards. And while you’re at it, type “diabetes” into the search box and vote for all the other diabetes blogs out there. And if you know of a diabetes blog that hasn’t been nominated, do so. Let’s support each other.

Just voted 4 u. :slight_smile:

voting now! :slight_smile: