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I know, I know… this is a shameless plug! Plus I know I don’t stand a chance (nor should I) against the giants of the diabetes blogosphere (and beloved members of our community), such as Kerri Morrone, Bernard Farrell or Amy Tenderich (one of whom should win the Bloggers Choice Awards in the Health Category -please DO make sure to cast a vote for them too!)

But the truth is that the blog part of TuDiabetes is not just Manny’s blogging voice. As a matter of fact, it’s almost never my blogging voice: it’s the blogging voice of the hundreds of members of, who day in, day out, share their experiences, concerns and thoughts as they live with diabetes as we have all gotten used to seeing.

So, in spite of being a bit of a plug, I have a clean conscience and therefore would like to ask you to vote for for the Blogger’s Choice Award in the Health Category.

Thanks for your support, amigos! :slight_smile:


Well worth voting for. I have voted…