PMS and Diabetes

For about a week before I start my period every month I have powerful, POWERFUL cravings. These cravings of course are for foods a diabetic should not be eating; I want ALL the junk food, ALL the sugar, ALL THE CARBS!!!! And the cravings are not satisfied; I swear I could eat myself out of house and home. Yeah, it's that bad.

I do well at all other times of the month to eat healthy, but this one solid week I just lose it. If I resist the cravings they just get stronger, and of course, if I give in to them I kill my good BG levels and make myself sick.

Any suggestions on how to alleviate or otherwise deal with these cravings? Who else here has this problem?

I have cravings but they are not as bad as some other women I know. However, between those and the fact that the week or two before my period my blood sugars go haywire (high) and I have to take a lot more insulin just to maintain any semblance of control, it's really not a good combination.

I honestly feel like hormones are one of the most frustrating parts of diabetes and one of the big reasons I'm never able to get a great A1c.

Well, as long as you bolus for it, i think you can satisfy at least some of the cravings. i dont seem to have this kind of problem. do veggies as a substitute work?

Yeah, it's a real struggle. I do adjust my insulin to help with the highs around this time and it helps.

As far as the cravings go, I have tried substituting other, healthier, foods for the ones I am craving. Like when I crave carbs, I will try corn (which still poorly affects my BG, but not as bad) instead of, say, doughnuts. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it just gets frustrating. One thing that does help with the sweet cravings most of the time is red apples. The problem in addition to the cravings is that I want A LOT of it, not just one serving. GAH!

I don't have hormonal cravings anymore as far as I know but I used to get them really bad and just satisfied it... also with migraines I feel the need for sugar. I went into early meno before D diagnosis but I still have cravings. I think it is from feeling hungry all the time on insulin. Maybe fat along with whatever you crave and a bolus will help you?

Just reading your post about cravings is making me hungry, lol!