Pneumonia vaccine question

I’m not certain but I don’t think I’ve ever had the pneumonia vaccine.

It looks like babies and those 60+ are recommended to get it.

Does anyone know if diabetics are advised to get the vaccine prior to being 60+?

Not that I’m aware of. Pretty much goes by age. I got mine!

I just received my first pneumonia shot. I am 69. I too, think it is just a matter of age.

I asked my endo, because I wanted the vaccine (I’m in my late 30s) and he told me that I don’t need it until I’m 50+. I think he was using an adjusted age from the general population, for what it’s worth. Personally, I’ll take it as soon as someone will give it to me, so may as well as your docs.

For what it’s worth, in case it’s related at all to your question, it does not protect against the pneumonia associated to COVID-19, which is viral (the vaccine is for bacterial).

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@cardamom If you really want one, I’m pretty sure you can walk into any of the vaccine days at Walgreens and probably other pharmacies and get a pneumonia vaccine. They will bill it to your insurance and if you don’t have insurance, or it won’t cover it, I think the cost is only $40 if you want to just pay for it…

My doctor gave me the pneumonia vaccine. He said I was higher risk because of type 1 (I’m 32 years old), and I was happy to get it.


I believe they are, ChrisP. Previously, I had thought only

Adults 19 to 64 years with one of the conditions listed below who have not been vaccinated should get a dose of Prevnar, and Pneumovax 12 mos later:
CSF leaks; Multiple myeloma; Solid organ transplant; Sickle cell disease; Asplenia; HIV; immunodeficiency; Renal failure Nephrotic syndrome Leukemia Hodgkin disease Generalized malignancy. And adults 19 through 64 years old with certain health conditions or who smoke cigarettes.

However, I saw at - - you can complete a survey to see if you qualify. I just filled in diabetes only, and it very generally recommended a pneumonia vax. There are 2 vaccines - prevnar (take it first if possible) and pneumovax, one year later.

I think they will give you that. Its a good idea this year, even though the seasons almost over. They will probably still be happy to give it. I have had, but I don’t get it consistently. Probably should.

My Dr gave me a pneumonia vaccine in 2010 and told me my next one will be at 65 years old, so its not like the annual flu shot… I’m pretty sure they gave me both, and was sick for about 10 days, so I do recommend waiting the year as suggested… , the vaccines hopefully have changed a little…I also had pneumonia in 2018, so it is only effective on certain types…

I always have to look up the timing for the pneumovax. I think if you received the vaccine more than or equal to 5 years ago, and were younger than 65 at the time you received it and are now 65 or older, you should get it. This is for PPSV23, not the Prevnar.

Everyone get their vaccines!!! It’s the lowest hanging of that low hanging fruit. (Which you should also consume - in moderation, or, whatever!)

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I’m 32 and had my first pneumonia vaccine within the past 2 years. I didn’t ask for it - my PCP recommended it.

That’s good. I have worked in public health clinics where the guideline was for someone younger than X , usually something like 64, they would have to have some sort of infectious disease (including major STDs) in order to get the Prevnar or maybe even the pneumovax (two different vaccines). Basically, it was kind of left up to the discretion of the provider - if the person smoked and the doc thought she/he was at risk of respiratory complications, that patient got the vax. Even then, it was difficult to get it to them. In some ways, red tape was worse in public health clinics, in other ways, much easier.

Thanks for bringing it up. I scheduled mine for Monday.

Here are two sites for info

The second one states: "Adults
aged ≥65 years who received ≥1 dose of PPSV23 before age 65 years should receive 1 additional dose of PPSV23 at age ≥65 years (2), at least 5 years after the previous PPSV23 dose "

There is more information on the two sites.

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My PCP’s eyes light up when I visit in office… I just stick my arm out and say, sure.

Got the flu and the pneumonia shot today. I ran high in the office after the shots. Assumed it was going to be like my caffeine and cortisone reaction (super-reactive). And now, for the past 4 hours I’ve been running weirdly low (60s). Thought it was the CGM failing, but every time it beeeeeps (40-50s) I’ve finger checked and it’s been lowish (60s), too.

Ahhh, the joys of trying to figure the why my body does what it does.

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