More occlusions with the new pods?

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the amount of occlusions with the new pods? I had an average of 1 per year with the old pods. I've had an average of 2 per month with the new ones!

I had a definite increase in my first couple of boxes of the new ones (6 pod failures, not sure which were occlusions, compared to about 3-4 the entire year before), but haven't had a failure in several weeks now. That includes part of my original shipment of new pods and part of a second shipment.

Not occlusions but simple POD errors, yes. I have had approximately 6 out of 10 new pods just error out and stop on me. Not occlusions, just says POD Error Insulin delivery stopped change pod. The worst part is Omnipod just goes "hmmm" on the phone and does nothing about it.

I started a thread on how, in my case, the new pods seem to error in response to heavy physical activity.

Other than those specific occasions, they seem to hold up pretty well. Does it seem like you are doing any type of activity when they happen, or is it random?

It always happens when I'm bolusing. That's why I'm assuming they are occlusions. It's happened with 2 or 3 units (i.e. not a huge bolus). Heavy physical activity doesn't seem to be related to this issue.

So far, I've only had a single PDM Error where I had to replace the pod.

Yeah, definitely get the alarm, if it alarms during blousing as well.

I had a bad batch that failed 8 out of 10 - new batch ok - but not at extremes