POD - Has anyone tried the newest pod on their child?

My daughter wants to look at the new Pod since it is now much smaller. She is currently on the Ping and I think she gets a little self conscious
about the tubing hanging out. I don't know if the Pod would be better or not. Has anyone had issues with it being "knocked off" during sports? Is is difficult to conceal? (...not trying to hide it exactly, I just want her to feel as comfortable as possible). I would love to hear feedback from any experienced users. My daughter is currently 14.

We don’t have the new pod yet, but my son (12) has been on the pod since he was 7. The only times it has been knocked off was when he did it himself, coming around a corner and knocking into the door jamb or getting out from under a table and hitting the table on his way up bhe swims year round and usually wears the pod in a place where his jammers cover it so it is less likely to drag in the pool and come off that way. I would imagine the same hold true for most sports…if she wears it under shorts, it should hold up well.

As a side note, the pod hold up well to normal 12 year old boy wear and tear…wrestling, slide tackling, etc. :slight_smile:

The new pod is only coming into production now. I called omnipod last week to see when they would be moving us over to the new one. They said that everyone will eventually go to it, but the roll out is going to be slow.

The new pod is a ton smaller and the adhesive is supposed to be even better than it is now. My daughters does start to come off every once in a while when she takes a long shower, but we just stick some IV 3000 on it and she’s good to go.

You may want to wait though since the new T-slim is up for FDA approval on a tubeless version of their pump. They are estimating that they will get approval for it by the end of the year. When we are up for a new pump, I think we will be rolling over to them.

my 12 year old has the pod from thre months after diagnosis, she's a dancer, wears next to nothing in rehearsals and performing, and the pod has been great for her. she uses mostly leg and bottom placements and that works great. The leg will get knocked off on occasion in a really hard rehearsal, but I can imaging the problems with tubing and sports/dance/athletics to be exponentially worse. I think she will love it! And you can get it TODAY! ( we existing customers are waiting for their old pod inventory to deplete)
best of luck! feel free to email kennedy with questions kennedyhodge56@gmail.com

Thank you all for sharing your experiences! Big help! :slight_smile:

got new smaller pod today,YEA!!! called insulet with question, they were very suprised 2 here we got the news pods. apparently existing customers were supposed 2 get them last. we are existing 4 yr cust. but get our supplies from edgepark med supplies. Insulet is not happy.HMMM?