New OmniPod wearer this Friday!

Wish us luck! My son, age 14 & diagnosed at 12, will start on the OmniPod this Friday. I guess we go 3 days with saline and then really start after that. Any advice or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!! :)

That is great to read!! We have been on the omnipod for almost a year and love it. I have an active 7 year old boy an he does very well on the pod. I would recommend getting an armband or some 3m tape to help it stay on. I’m not sure if you are getting the new smaller pod…but the one we have now does get knocked off sometimes. We also use Unisolve which helps loosen the adhesive and the pod slips right off on the 3rd day. Good luck!! Let me know if you have any questions.

ok so you are doing a saline trail that will probably make you both feel more comfortable, just dont forget the shots, it is taxing doing double duty! soon you will both be pros and he will be very happy to toss the needles! the insertion does hurt a bit, jacobs most stable site is his belly, love handle areas although he doesnt have much extra! arms are good but can be uncomfortable with throwing if he does sports, we use a tegaderm strip over his pod on him arm, but not belly. best of luck and ask if you have any specific questions as you go along. i think i mentioned before his post pod change highs were one of our biggest struggles which we offset with a small bolus before .5 and post change this one depends on his bs 1-4 u depending, see how it goes though not everyone has this issue but it is fairly common. i'll be thinking of you! amy

Read the tips page on the Omnipod Users discussion board. I think those are great. There will be bumps in the road, but be patient. It is SOOO worth it. My son is 16 and has been using the Omnipod for 2 years. His favorite spot is his upper butt. He usually wears it below the waistband of his underwear and above the waistband of his shorts/pants. He plays HS basketball and loves to swim, tube and ride his waverunner. We usually use nexcare waterproof tape (from walmart, cvs,etc) around the pod when he showers or swims. He tends to have breakouts when water gets under the pod. We cover the tape and put it up on the edge of the pod. He has never lost a pod due to water issues, but basketball has cost us a few. Good luck and ask any questions you need to. These boards are great!!

Thanks for the replies. Tomorrow is the day ... a little nervous even though we are just starting with saline for 3 days. The post pod change highs are what I'm worried about the most.

Where do you buy the Unisolve?? That would probably help with his CGM removal too. Thanks again! :)