Pod on your back

Ok, so I am a newborn on the pod, but I tried wearing it on my back and had an occlusion. I think i put it where the picture really showed… the best you can describe… where exactly do you place your pod on the back, where is the cannula, do you do anything to help it along?

Thanks for the advice!

When I wear the pod on my back it is usually about 1-2 inches below my rib cage. I wear it about half way between my spine and the side of my back (although I sometimes wear it closer to the side). I ALWAYS place the cannula end pointing towards the side of my back, NOT the spine. I did have a few occlusions on my back early on and I think it was because the cannula was too close to the spine where I just didn’t have enough fat for it to be secure in. When I activate the pod I usually press slightly on the cannula end, I think this helps it go a bit deeper in. I hope that helps!

I place the cannula end 1-2 inches below my rib cage b/c that’s where my fatty tissue is…I always put the cannula down, and will direct it slightly laterally. I’ve also worn it almost horizontally with the cannula pointed laterally. I’ve worn it w/ the cannula pointed medially (toward my spine) and I had some problems with it hurting or not delivering correctly, so I don’t do that anymore. Hope you can find a spot that works for you!

I love to wear the pod on my back…and like Rebecca…press down slightly on the cannula end while activating. Contrary to the pinch up method that I was taught, I haven’t had any problems since doing this. I always have the window facing away from my spine so that I can see the cannula with the help of a mirror.

I wear it on my lower back always horizontally placed so that if I catch it on something it is not the cannula end that gets the first hit. I keep it a couple of inches from my spine and a couple of inches below my waist band of clothes, with the cannula pointed to my spine. I pinch up the area around the cannula end and simultaneously push down on the end as well. I get really good absorption there. Good luck.

Thanks everyone!

Always make sure that you pinch up the fat during the cannula insertion process. this may be your problem.

Obviously, this must not be the case, but I worry that wearing the pod on my back will be uncomfortable sitting in the car or any chair with a back. I’ve got some perfect little love handles back there…Why is it not uncomfortable?

Where I usually wear the pod it’s enough toward the side of my back that it rarely is actually touching the chair or car. Even when it does it’s usually something I’m aware of as a slight difference for a minute and then forget about entirely. I did just have one that I placed closer to my spine than usual and at the end of day 3 I drove for 6 hours and it was a little bit of a pain then but that’s the only time I’ve had a problem with it. I’ve also slept on my back while it was on my back and had no problems with that either. It’s all a personal comfort thing of course but it hasn’t bothered me yet.

Thanks, Rebecca.

Right there!!!

thats pretty clear where you wear yours!