Pod Placement

Hey guys! I was reading a lot on this discussion forum today and got to wondering--how the heck do you guys wear your pods on your backs??

I rotate between my stomach and the back of both of my arms. Currently, about 1/3 of my stomach is out of commission as it is still healing from a nasty looking infection I had from a cannula recently. So I've been using the right half of my stomach and back of arms only.

I've tried wearing a pod on my thigh a couple times, but each time it only lasted....oh, about as long as it took me to stand up and try to go somewhere!

I wouldn't think that a pod site on your back would be very comfortable for sleeping and sitting. I'm a back/side sleeper and I also sit at a desk all day. I can see a pod on a back site coming off very easily as I stand up, sit down, get in and out of the car, etc.

Even when I wear my pod on my arm, I have to avoid laying on that side while I sleep. A.)It hurts if I bear weight on it and B.) the pod wiggles and comes loose and the cannula ends up coming out earlier than I need it to.

Also....I can't twist around that far to get a pod on back there! I guess my husband *could* help, but he's not always around for pod change time.

How do you guys do it??

My son wears his on the upper part of his behind, usually right below his waistband. It is in the natural curve of his back so he rarely rips one off. He rotates the cannula in and out, so he gets at least 4 sites here. He doesn't have much body fat, so for us it works great. I do have to check to see if the cannula is in. He is not that much of a contortionist, lol! Good Luck!

I work at a desk job too, and it is slightly uncomfortable for sitting in your computer chair all day, but I put a small pillow on my chair and it`s perfectly fine. The back area I find is the best place it is the only place I have yet to bump pod on. As for sleeping I never feel it all. I wear it just above the waist line, and sometimes higher. I don`t like it under the waist line as I find the pants rub too much. the only 2 cons I have found is you can`t see the window if you want to check on the cannula, and I really have a diffcult time removing it, as I can`t see or get a great grip. I usally have my boyfriend give me a hand to remove it.

As long as you dont have it along your waistband you should be fine. I have had great success with it below my waistband and below my bra strap. What I do is usually use the opposite arm to place it. If you have it closer to the side and less in the middle it shouldn’t become dislodged while you sleep. It takes a little practice. The first time I put it on my back I ripped it off the next day when I was drying off. I didn’t try it again for 2 years. Now it’s one of my favorite places. I am also a fan of the forearm. I don’t rip it off, can smell leaks faster and it’s not a sweaty place so my window doesn’t fog up.

Forearm sounds like it would HURT. You mean the inside of your forearm?

I have a feeling I would get that ripped off in a heartbeat too. BUT I think I'm having absorption issues in my arms and stomach so I may have to try new places soon.
I also have to use sites that are actually flat....and that's hard to do on my back below my bra.

I was having absorption problems too and tried on my front upper abdomen in the areas where I can feel my rib cage and it works beautifully. My average bg has greatly improved since I started using these areas. I go up as high as right under my bra and down as far as my waistband, usually more to the side but can also move further to the front.

I have never tried my back area. My question would be: do u sleep on your back when you have it there?