Placement of Pods

You guys were so helpful when I asked about removal of the pod! Thanks so much! I have a new question. I’m looking for different places to put the pod and gave my lower back a try last weekend. Result = Occlusion alarm when I apparently pulled out the canula while getting up from the couch. So where, exactly, do I put the pod if I want to have it on my back?

Hi Karin - I also just tried my lower back for the first time. I wanted to make sure that I got the Pod in the right place so I went through the manual. I couldn’t find anything in there so I went to the CD that they sent with the start-up kit. Nothing on the disc about that either. I ended up putting it about two inches above my hip about half-way between my spine and my side. It worked fairly well there. The only problem I had was sitting in the car. I had to use my jacket as padding so that I wasn’t putting too much pressure directly on the Pod. I’m not sure that I have it in exactly the right spot but I didn’t have any problems with delivery. Hope this helps!