Politics and Blame and Covid-19

Politics and Blame, The two seem to go hand in hand, in politics it seems that no good crisis ever goes to waste, it can be down right disgusting. Ideologues from both sides of the political spectrum are dangerous people because they attempt to distort the narrative for their own political gain.

This community doesn’t need these things right now or at any time for that matter, we need unity. Truth and good advice will carry the day not fear tactics and blame.

TuDiabetes has a policy against political discussions, they create such strong emotions and divisions. Right now, with this pandemic, division is the last thing we need. There will be plenty of time later for the arm chair quarterbacks.

I ask that everyone come here with a spirit of cooperation and to check your ideology at the door.


Awesome advice and a huge thanks to all the moderators for the time they spend moderating these threads and make sure we stay relatively in line.

Yes, thank you. Wash those hands.:+1:t2: Nancy50

Great post Gary. It’s amazing that everything has to include politics.