Polyfin QR (Minimed)

Hello there everyone!

I probably should have asked this before ordering them, but I just ordered the Polyfin QR infusion sets and I’m looking for some feedback?

Do people find any difference between needle and cannula for absorption? Is the needle noticeably uncomfortable?
I will add my own feedback about this in a week or so, once I’ve gotten them and worn them.


I use these as well as sure T’s
The wonderful thing about the bent needle (polyfin) is it can go anywhere at any angle. But the bad thing is you must change it after 2 days max. Not sure why but that us what I was told. It does tend to get sore if knocked around easier.
They do not block but if you are to close to a muscle wall the absorption can get bad just like plastic cannula’s but they can not get blocked. I switch between the bent needle and the sure T. I quit using the plastic cannula because after 10 years of using them my body just does not seem to accept them anymore, I mean my immune system attacks them and they go bad in about 7-10 hours.
The bent needle will be very uncomfortable if it is inserted next to anything on the inside that is not SG fat. You are not gonna get by with it kinda sore like you can with a cannula it will get worse and worse until you change it.

You may also want to try Sure T.
I put up with the site changes because I don’t want the bad sites I get with the others. Most people use the others fine. But I can say I use the needles fine and prefer them.

Be well and be loved

What is SG fat?
My big problem with the canulas was that they wouldn’t work for the first 5 hours. So far so good with the needles!
Thanks for your helpful commentary!

I only use steel sets, they are more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about kinks. I have both the polyfin and the sure-t but I prefer the sure-t. The polyfin is a bit uncomfortable for me, the sure-t needs is SO much smaller than the polyfin. Try some samples!