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Has anyone been having problems with their sets such as bent cannulas...for 6 months now I have been having this issue and I have been on the pump for 12 years and had few of these problems...day before yesterday I went through 5 sets.

I don't have a theory as to why you didn't have problems for all those years and now do. Are you using a different type of set? But I had regular problems with bent canulas and switched to metal sets. No more problems? No more wondering if my set is the reason for high numbers (rare problem with cartridge or bubbles). If the canula is in "funny" and hurts, I just take it out and put it in somewhere else and tape it down. A lot less worry and waste! I thought they'd be hard to insert, but they're not at all. I'm happy I made the change.

I always have problems on teflon sets as the quick set, i guess i am just to thin for those sets. Like Zoe, I made the change to metal sets (Sure-T for medtronic) early and have never regretted it. no bent cannulas, i havent had set problems ever since. and they really dont hurt at all and are very comfortable to wear.

I have used the Silhouettes for most of my pump time. I had a sweaty pullout with a Quikset at Tae Kwon Do (c. 2008...), tried a Silhouette and have stuck with them since. I have had almost no failures or bent cannulas or anything like that, using manual insertion. I also like that they are pretty sticky and have only had a couple of pull-outs/ sweat-outs from running.

Okay so I no longer use the pump due to infusion set issues but I agree with the try metal sets or angled sets option. Since you're on a medtronic call them right now or at least as soon as possible (not sure if the holiday matters or not they're typically 24/7) get samples of the Sure T and silhouette infusion set. Do complain, DO NOT throw away any bent quicksets! Ask medtronic to send you a canister to send off your bad infusion sets. Put the whole thing in there, the canister's big. Tell them how many you went through.

I would have had to quit pumping if Quick Sets were the only option.

Have been using comfort short (same as silhouettes) manual insertion sets for almost a year now and have never had an insertion issue. Of note when I tried Cleo' s auto inserted and a straight set I needed 30% more insulin to maintain the same BG numbers.

No problems with bent canulas, but I've had problems with the set not fitting correctly into the injector, so I've ruined several inserts and had to redo them.


I also had problems when I went from Silhouettes to Quick-Sets one summer. When I went back to Silhouettes, after being on Quick-Sets, I never have had a problem. I always thought my problems with Quick-Sets were due to the cannulas not getting through the scar tissue.

Thanks so much for the info...I have ask medtronic to send me two of all the sets they have so i can try.....

I have only used quick sets so I have requested for them to send me samples of other sets.

I called and have complained and they are sending me samples of all the sets they offer and I did keep the bent cannulas.

I have also had issues with the quick set not sticking well to my skin when I exercise.Thanks

I have recently ran into the same issue which did not turn out to well for me. I have been using Quickset for 3 years now with only 1 bent cannula until this weekend. I think I was too trusting of the issue being resolved with just moving the site. Once I got to the hospital and pulled the second site it to was kinked with no alarm going off either time. I called minimed and they would like me to send the box back. I want to sent the entire lot back with my ER bill. It was an unfortunate expirence for me as I waited to long to go to a manual injection. I was thinking my BS were high because I was sick but that was not the case.
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So you went back to MDI? Are your bgs controlled as well as with pump?

Like I don't know if you're actually considering it , but if you do go back to MDI talk to your doctor and/or Diabetes educator first. You need to figure out your levemir/lantus dose . That's the first big important step. It might not be the same as your pump basal daily total. My pump basal total was 4.2 units a day, but on MDI I need 11 units of Lantus.

ME ME ME!!!!!! My problem was that I lost too much weight.

I switched to the silhouettes. Although I've had a couple of those with issues too, not sterile I think. But at least they deliver insulin reliably.

No, Sticking with the pump. I should have tried an injection to bring my BS down sooner as I thought the site change would take care of the bent cannula. I had another lot of quick sets that are working so far. My A1C on the pump is 6.5. Some would say it should be better but I’m happy with that.

Thanks for your input.