Medtronc paradigm pump infusion set problems

Hi Guys

I have been on the Medtronic paradigm pump for about 9months and has stabilized my reading alot, unfortunatelly I have been having problems over the last 2 months, I use the 6mm infusion set and has been kinking every time I use it which ends up in me waking up with keytones. I am a slim guy so the only comfortable place to use the infusion set is in the upper buttocks area and always change my sites. I have tried the silhouette and the 9mm and both are very uncomfortable for me, think I might be going back to injections soon as this is becoming a headache. Are there any other options out there that I can try?

thanks guys
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I have used the 17 mm Silhouette sets since 2008 and, *knocks on wood*, I haven't ever had a problem with them doing that. If I get a site that seems to be working oddly, I redline my basal at 200% of normal and it seems to clear it up. I can't recall the last time I said "hmmm, this site isn't working, I think I'll pull it..."

I just responded to a similar post about the Sure-T. I am extremely slim at 6'1" 130 lbs (2% body fat)and it has worked out fairly well. It is an actual needle instead of a canula, but it is pretty short and generally recommended for body-builders, etc. I believe mine are 6mm. I am not saying they are perfect because I have certainly had my issues, but they are easy to manually insert and if you stick yourself in a spot that is painful or uncomfortable you can pull it right back out and try again. I generally stick to the upper buttocks and lower back (love handle area). The only experience I have with a canula and inserter is with my Dexcom G4 and I will say that it is a much more uncomfortable insertion experience for the G4.

I actually went to the Silhouettes because I was having the same problems with the 6mm straight sets. In the beginning I found inserting Silhouettes to be an intimidating process. I hated the inserter, each time I used it I felt like I had been harpooned and finally ended up inserting them manually. The insertion needle is big and ugly but once I have my set inserted they cause me no more discomfort and I have had zero problem with adsorption in the year I have used them.

The Sure-T sets that GeekDaddy mentioned is also another option. I tried them and liked them but I just like the Silhouettes better.