Portable Recharger for Dexcom G6 Receiver

Hello all,

I’m headed out to backpack, just got the Dexcom G6 receiver, and am loving it. I would like to take it along.

Just spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with Dexcom. They first claimed “not to have this information.” After persisting, they said “it is information that they cannot give out”.

After persisting even more, they told me to get a 26,800 size recharger, b/c a phone takes more than the receiver, and the 26,800 recharger will recharge a phone for two weeks.

This 26,800 power bank/portable recharger weighs one pound. I don’t want to carry more weight than I have to.

What size battery charger will I need to keep a Dexcom G6 receiver working for two weeks?

Or a better question–for those of you who do recharge with a portable charger, do you know how many milliamps it takes to recharge a Dexcom G6 receiver?

Thanks for your collective wisdom.

Dexcom / Tandem - No difference.

Are you considering a solar recharger?

Look on the charger that came with it - output should be on the plug the goes in the wall - if you can charge it from a computer the USB max output is 500Ma

The receiver can be recharged with 200 milliamps - just takes longer

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How do I calculate the battery size OR the portable battery charger that will be needed based upon that wall charger output which is 5.0V / 1.0A?

I don’t have a dex so I have to ask - can you charge it from a usb port on a computer without any dex software?

From what I have found on the net you need to download some dex software to do this - I don’t know how dated it is

If the 120 chager output 5v1000 and takes 3 hours that is 3000ma

Has 5v 3A output - if you can charge from a compute usb without dex software this should work fine

USB output on computer is 5 volt 500 milliamp

If the 120 chager output 5v1000 and takes 3 hours that is 3000ma

so the 28600 will charge it at least 9 times or more - and that would be from really drained – my 9 times is a very low estimate

THANKS. I really appreciate it, Tony.

Enjoy your backpacking!

Just because - for example the wall charger outputs 1000 max does not mean the device will withdraw 1000 - it may be much lower