Charge or use a T:slim X2 with an external cell phone USB battery pack

Has anyone tried to charge or use a T:slim X2 with an external USB battery? I’m going on an extended backpacking trip this summer and would like to use one as an emergency back-up. I spoke with Tandem technical service last night and they said it will work, but I’m still a bit skeptical and would like to hear from someone who has successfully done it.

All the time.

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Thanks! Another great X2 feature.

Very small and convenient “lipstick size” battery: (3 ounce / 3350 mAh / $24)

= = = = = = =

Mid size battery: (1.3 pounds / 26,800 mAh / $130)

= = = = = = =

Ridiculously large but oh so cool battery: (9.3 pounds / 120,000 mAh / $500)

Where do come up with 400 watts

we are talking milliamps here

I am confused

I rarely use any charger other than a portable charger for my X2. I hate being plugged into the wall and the advantage of the portable charger is that I can move around the house doing my regular activities.

This is the charger I have and I have been very happy with it. I can charge my pump for 4-6 weeks before I need to recharge the Anker device.


Thanks everyone!

I returned a Jackery Mini with the same power as the Anker Mini because it didn’t have enough umph to charge my devices. I couldn’t get the Mini to charge up my phone even when starting out above 50%. It only added about another 25%.
The Jackery Bar, at 6000 mah is far more useful. It will keep an S7 working on a cross-country flight. It kept both my S7 and my wife’s S7 powered up on flights across the US. Silly me brought 2 along, but only 1 was needed.

I have the Anker 26,800 like @Tim35 linked above.
I can charge my phones, pump, and even Galaxy Book from this battery. It is a great working unit.
If you only want to charge the pump, the smaller ones work great.
But how often will you need to charge your phone, pump, etc? I like having the larger battery for the ‘just in case’ thinking.

BTW - This (Anker 26,800 mAh) is the largest capacity battery which can be taken on commercial airliner flights in carry-on baggage without any additional airline approval required.

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Good to know about the capacity for flying.
And I definitely want to take that with me anytime I travel. You just never know if/when you will need it.

A while back I bought (and returned) a 20,100 mAh Jackery battery pack because it was too heavy. I use the Jackery Bars by placing them in my pocket with a short cord to charge either my phone or my G5 receiver. The larger Jackery unit would drag my pants down. LOL! Way too heavy for pocket usage. It was just too much of a good thing. the Jackery Bars just seem to be the right size and power for my needs. the mini couldn’t charge my phone and the large unit was like a boat anchor.

Yes, I do it all the time as well. I carry a battery in my cargo pants, because you never know. My kids like to make fin of me until they need to charge their phones while we’re out. I did recently switch from an Anker 20,000 mAh, to a Samsung 10,000, because it was lighter and slimmer. The t:slim x2 doesn’t take a lot to fully charge, but I would suggest taking the biggest battery you can if you’re going to be away from civilization for a time. Ankers are great batteries, BTW.