Possible battery issue

I just started on an Animas Ping and I changed the battery for the first time over the weekend. I had what it came with, energizer lithium, but changed out to a duracell alkaline. I changed the battery type when it came back on like the instructions say but ever since my BS has been running high and I can't get it to come back down. I've had this happen maybe on one random day before but not many days in a row. I'm to the point that my basal is set to a temp +30% all the time and sometimes I up it to +40 to +50% and this morning I finally got fed up and changed my I:C ratio from 1:10 to 1:7 hoping it'll make a difference. Could the different kind of battery have anything to do with how the pump operates? That's the only thing that's different and it started happening the day after I changed it. I've changed my infusion set/site also and no difference. Any thoughts?

Change it out to the ultimate lithium and see if it makes a difference?

i've never used an alkaline...only way for you to tell, is to put in an energizer lithium and see what happens.

personally, I'm having a hard time lately being high, I attribute it to the heat

Has the heat done this to you before? I've also been in a pool a lot lately, making it so I'm outdoors more often than I normally would be I suppose. What do you do when you have a hard time keeping it down?

if you're outside a lot the insulin the the pump could just not be lasting as long as 3 days, depending on how hot it is.

I've increased my basal a bit and correct when needed, it comes down. The heat takes a lot out of me, i try to stay in the a/c as much as possible, and keep hydrated!

I normally use the lithium ion batteries as recommended. However there have been numerous times, especially when traveling, that I've had to use alkaline batteries because I couldn't find the lithium ones at the time. I've never had it make a difference in my BG control. My I:C ratio, ISF and basal rates did not need any adjustments at all.

You mention changing your infusion set. Did you change your insulin cartridge at the same time? Especially in hot weather insulin loses it effectiveness in a couple days if you spend any amount of time in the heat.

Last night I change out everything except the battery. I haven't been to the store yet to get another lithium one. I left my temp basal at +30% all night and ended up where I should have been. I just let it expire about an hour ago so I'll have to see how the day goes. I generally disconnect and leave my pump inside when I'm out in the pool so the insulin isn't exposed to the heat but right after I changed the battery I was in the pool for a few hours and had to reconnect it while I was outside. Hopefully now that I changed the cartridge it'll be better.