PING for 6 weeks and not doing well

I just switched to my new pink ping about 6 weeks ago. I really like it but I’m noticing that my basal and bolus %'s are so far from 50/50. On my medtronic pump, I was really close, but now I’m like 33%basal and 66% bolus. I’m just noticing a lot of highs and wondering if anyone has any advice or thoughts. I’m frustrated and would just like to get things in order. It seems that this pump can do all the same things, so why am I struggling so much?!?!

Thanks for anyone willing to give advice.

I’m sorry you’re struggling, Annette. I’m really not sure why the difference between the two pumps; maybe someone else with more experience will comment on that. The only thing I can think of is there is differences between the two in how things are set and perhaps you don’t have things set right for the Ping. (You might want to go back through your Setup and give some thought to the things you’ve programed in to make sure)

I do have a couple thoughts though. My understanding is that the 50/50 division of basal and bolus, and not carved in stone. Even in Pumping Insulin, John Walsh gives formulas for other breakdowns. What counts is what works for you. I have heard, though, more divisions that were slanted the other way, because the person ate low carb and my own (moderate low) basal was about 60% last time I looked. But if you are high a lot, than perhaps your basal is too low and the bolus is trying to compensate.

I’ve been on my Ping just short of 2 months. I’ve been doing a lot of tweaking of numbers and along the way have had both highs and lows, but it is evening out nicely, so I don’t think 6 weeks is that long to get numbers in line. For me, what I did was looked for patterns. First to differentiate between basal and bolus problems: Are the highs (mostly) two hours after meals or other times, like waking, in between meals and bedtime? My guess is the latter. If it were the bolus than you would want to tweak your I:C ratios. If it is the basal you want to look at the times of day that the highs are occuring (if they are not all the time) and work on tweaking your basal for each of those “time zones” a little bit at a time and seeing the results. My understanding is the basal should be tweaked about 3 hours before the time it affects. (So if you have a lot of highs from 3PM to 7 PM you would want to increase your basal from Noon to 4 PM.
Hope this helps.

I program all the same settings into the different pumps and never seem to have much of a problem. Like Zoe mentions make sure the settings are indeed the same as what was in your Medtronic pump. If they are (make sure to look very closely to times, see if it’s stated basal TDD is the same etc…) I would recommend looking at maybe the infusion set as being the issue (I have no theories about why it would be an issue- just looking at the differences with the two pumps). For the most part the insulin pumps figure out dosing the same and MM and Animas do the IOB the same except in a few specific instances which I do not think could account for your difference you are noticing. If that fails to give you answers could this just be a coincedence that your insulin needs changed whan you changed pumps???

Hi Annette - While it’s possible, I find it hard to believe that your insulin needs changed that much just by virtue of changing pumps - but, I can’t say I know anything about the differences between the two pumps. I’m assuming both allow you to set various basal rates throughout the day/night? I have 4 different settings in a 24 hour period - I know some who have more.

However, I’m wondering if it’s possible that you might have gotten some of the newly recalled “leaky cartridges” - which could explain it.

Keep checking in - I’m sure you’ll get it fine tuned - but sorry you’re having a hard time. Diabetes can be so frustrating in it’s unpredictability.

I am frustrated and glad that I can vent/get advice/encouragement from those that understand. I don’t think there should be that many differences between the two pumps either. I think there are so many factors that I don’t always realize that can play into my management.

Thanks for all the things to consider.

There really is no logical reason why there would be a difference between the two pumps assuming they are programmed in a similar way. I would think this may have something to do with insulin absorption. Are you using a different type of infusion set?

When I switched from Minimed to animas my basal rates decreased by about 10%. My bolus calcs stayed the same.

Or, if she is using a different insulin. I, for example, need much less of Apidra than I do of Novolog

Frustration is a STRESSOR. Stress can raise BGs. Elevated BGs equal increased bolus numbers. Now, let’s analyze!
Reading your message lets me feel your frustration.

Do both pumps have the same insulin?
The insulin is good? - example, was not left from summer and accidentally "cooked"
Are all of the basal rates EXACTLY the same?
Exact same Insulin to Carb ratios for the same times of day?
Exact same Correction Factor ?
Are you using the same infusion sets? Same length of cannula - 9mm, etc?
Same body area for instertions - free of scar tissue, etc?
Carrying the pump in the same way? A parent shared in another group about insulin being “cooked” when the pump was too close to the child’s body for too long a period of time.
Same meter system? Example - used Bayer with MM and now LifeScan with Ping|||

Keep us informed when you find out which of the diabetic gremlins have made this mess. Best wishes.

Have you done Basel testing yet? I know you came from another pump but there would be a difference, and I think doing the basel testing would help.

Thanks to everyone for the responses and thoughts. I have changed my basals and carb ratios to the setting I had on my old pump and trying this. I have not done basal testing yet, because I hate going without food. I love to eat. :o)

The insulin and canulas are the same. I really don’t think there should be a difference, but feel like I’m struggling. I will be going to the endo. in april, so it feels like forever away to try and get things settled on my own.

Again, thanks for the response and all the things to consider. It’s one reason why I love being apart of tudiabetes. The feedback is so quick and amazing!

Last idea - have you discussed this with your Animas Clinical Manager/Instructor? This person may be more informed than your endo on the variations between Ping and your old pump.