Possible ? fix

So, not sure if anybody has commented on this fix before, but here goes.

A couple of weeks ago when my sensor went ??? on me after 8 days, after stopping it I looked under the transmitter, after I pulled the sensor out, and found that a lot of moisture had gathered near the contact points. I made a mental note to check again the next time I saw ???.

A few days ago, again at around 8 days of sensor life, I got the ???. I checked the transmitter for moisture at the contact points, before trying to replace the sensor this time. Sure enough, there it was, lots of moisture. I wiped off the water, clicked the transmitter in, and voila, ??? gone. This morning, same thing. I got ???, removed the trasmitter while keeping the same sensor in, and found more water. I cleaned the transmitter off again and everything is working fine again.

So I havea new SOP for when i get the pesky ??? that doesn't want to seem to resolve itself. I don't know why I keep getting water underneath the transmitter repeatedly, but one solution at a time.

I would ask DexCom for a new transmitter. I don't get ???.

I find this very interesting. I hope you keep us posted.

When I remove mine, I ALWAYS have a bit of moisture, but I don't necessarily have the ???'s. I usually remove mine right at the 7 day point because I have terrible skin reactions to either the adhesive or the friction. My ???'s seem to happen more when I am sleeping directly on it, or after a very high excursion to the mid to high 200's. I find the Dex doesn't work really well with extreme highs and lows, it seems to be much better behaved when you aren't doing a roller coaster pattern. Sometimes, when I wake, I might have the ???'s and they go away after my shower. (a circulation thing?) In general though, I don't get that many , or it resolves itself within a few minutes. Unfortunately, I can't try for the extended usage, but there is a new user on here, who I know will be trying for more than 7........I bet he will give us useful info too.

I never tried removing the transmitter while the sensor was still attached; I guess I never knew I could do that without causing some sort of error. Although if I have a "???" message I guess it doesn't matter what I do.

I mount my sensors vertically on the stomach. Then cover with IV3000 about three fourths of the way down. Keeps shower water out of the contacts.

When scuba diving, I cover the transmitter with two pieces of IV3000 before putting on a wet suit jacket. Receiver goes in a dive bag like life guards use for their two-way radios. Works great and no ???

I do the same thing after every shower because I was getting a lot of ???'s then. Also, if I happen to roll over and sleep on the side/area of my Dexcom sensor, a lot of times it will ??? on me. When I asked my Dexcom sales rep about that, he said, maybe the sensor couldn't take the pressure. And I'm like, pressure OF SLEEP? You know we HAVE to sleep while wearing these, right? Luckily, this doesn't happen too often.

I've always had a bit of moisture as well, no matter how many days after insertion. Even if it is dry, there are some water stains left behind on the under surface of the transmitter. When there are ???, however, I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more water and it's closer to, or covering, the contact points.

Hah, yeah, that's an odd reply.

I hope the transmitter is still good Helmut. I've had it for less than 6 months and it doesn't seem to be any worse for wear so far. It only seems to happen after 7 days, so I wonder what Dexcom would say about trying to get it repalced without having to pay for a new one.

I had my transmitter for 18 months and have seen ??? three times. I wonder whether your transmitter is out of tolerance so that moisture can reach the contacts.

It makes sense that if the water can short between the two contacts you might get a ???. I usually see a little moisture when i change the sensor and use an alcohol swab to clean it up. Next time I get a ??? I'll try and remove the transmitter, wipe it dry and replace. I can't complain though; I"m getting at least 14 days between sensors.

That's a good question Helmut. I don't actually see ??? that often, certainly not before 7 days. So, if I'm only seeing ??? occasionally, and it's only after 7 days, I wonder if I can argue that the transmitter is out of tolerance?

I assumed that the moisture was some sort of gel/liquid on the sensor that actually helped the contacts receive the information. Sort of like the gel that is used during an ultrasound.

Anyway, I get the ??? with almost every sensor that I use. This has been true with my old transmitter & receiver and my brand new transmitter and receiver. Most of the time, I get the ??? after the 7 day point, usually around 9 days. At this point I change my sensor when I see them. Occasionally, I get the ??? within the first 24 hours after insertion. Not sure why but I also notice that at these times the numbers are way off. It's like the sensor or receiver is having trouble figuring out what the readings should be despite calibration so it just gives the ???. When this happens, I give it an hour to correct itself. If it doesn't self correct, I restart the sensor. After this restart, my Dexcom is usually accurate.

Funny you mention this. I've been on the dex since the spring and have always got two weeks from the sensors without much issues. However for the last month on the second week of wearing the sensor I'll get ???'s after showering. It lasts for several hours and then clears up. It's only been during the second weeks of a sensor and only after showering. I assume something was wet and drying out. I haven't tried removing the transmitter and checking it but I'll try that when it happens again.

I see ??? around day 8 or 9 but only after I add opsite flexfix to secure around sensor. Then the ??? happen a couple of hours after a shower. It's a moisture problem for me but I don't know if I should cover the sensor while showering or not and how to do it? Any body else have this problem?

I had to look at this as I’m using my current sensor for a second week…today I get the ???. Checked for moisture and nope…snapped transmitter back in and waiting for it to find its issue…I have more ??? Issues in the last month…I started this on November 9th…most of the time it straightens itself out…I’m hoping for the same…otherwise I’m changing a sensor in the morning and will not go past the 7 days again.

I also found the ??? connected with moisture under the sensor. I discovered that when I snap the sensor in it doesn’t always go under the little ridge on both sides. It’s enough that it works but not tight enough to prevent moisture. I have to actually pry the other edge out and push down. Since I’ve been careful to check this I haven’t had any ??? show up.