Wet sensor after shower =?

Has anyone had this happen? It didn’t go go ??? right away, but within an hour after my shower this morning my Dex checked out for a little over 3 hours. When I initially checked the sensor site after seeing the ??? it had moisture around the transmitter (visible as condensation inside the plastic)… when the little water droplets disappeared, like magic, it started getting readings again… so I’m pretty convinced that water must have gotten inside or something.

This sensor is on day 20, so I know it’s on the way out anyways, but I was wondering if anyone else had similar experiences… most of the time when I get ??? it’s at night, and once I get up and start moving around I get readings again… this time was kind of the opposite… it gave up after I’d been up for the day for a little while.

FWIW this has been one of my most reliable and accurate sensors ever… so I was surprised to see the ??? and honestly assumed that it was heading towards an outright failure this morning… nice that it’s working again, but now I’m hesitant to get it wet - I might try some press’n’seal for my next shower.

Sarah, I don’t know if my experience is the same as yours, but something similar has happened to me last week also. I noticed ??? on the receiver after my shower and looked at the transmitter - it appeared to have lots of moisture around it. But I’ve been told that I didn’t need to cover it with anything, so I don’t. It took my receiver about 3 hours to come back with a reading, but eventually it did. My sensor was on day 14 at the time. You are doing exceptionally well to get 20 days from a sensor. The last two of mine have gone 16 days, which is my best times yet.

Thanks for the reply… my longest made it to 25 days before I finally pulled it because the #'s were just not anywhere close to reality (continually trending low). I usually get a solid 2 weeks from my sensors… I’m anxious to see how far I can push this one, because until the ??? it has been the most reliable sensor through the third week I’ve had yet… most get a little crazy by 16/17 days… I’ve only had a few get to the end of the 3rd week.

I’m totally happy with 2 weeks per sensor though… it cuts my out of pocket cost in half :slight_smile: Any more time is just like an extra bonus! (and I almost just typed “bolus” - sheesh!)

The DexCom sensors are rated for immersion in water for swimming along the surface. It may be that you got some soap in there also. Could be a temperature effect from hot water. I generally try to minimize the time the shower beats down on my sensor/transmitter. I cannot report having generated the ??? from a shower.

Thanks… it wasn’t an overly hot or long shower… I didn’t even do anything but wash my hair this morning because I was short on time… my only thought was maybe since it’s been on so long the “seal” it has with my skin is just not what it was 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:

I should make it clear I’m really not complaining since I am wearing it MUCH longer than the FDA approved time, just wondering if it happens to anyone else.

How on earth are you all getting so long out of your sensors??? I have followed all the advice on inserting sensors that I have got from people on this site, and I can’t even seem to get 7 days. It just won’t stay sticky. My current sensor worked for 4 days continually, and on day five it goes ??? as soon as I move, even getting up and walking to the kitchen!!! I am really not happy because i am in the UK and paying for sensors myself.

I tape over mine… I use flexifix over the dexcom tape (not over the transmitter) and I almost always use either skin-tac or mastisol under that. If I relied on the dex adhesive alone, they’d all fall off before a week.

As the extra tape starts to peel up, I will peel off just the extra tape and cut it off around the dexcom tape (the flexifix bonds really well and won’t just peel off the dex tape), then re-stick any of the dexcom tape that has come loose with extra adhesive (mastisol on a q-tip), and cover it all up again… usually I end up doing that every 7-10 days.

I use skin tac wipes and after a couple of days I add some tape. I am in the UK and use 3M Tegaderm, but even so, my sensors just aren’t lasting. It is very annoying!!

Our daughters sensor sometimes gives a ??? after bath time. As soon as the sensor dries it usually starts to work again.