Possible Good News


I decided to do some more research into getting an insulin pump and being on medicare. I figured there was some way to fight Medicare to get it without meeting the lab work guidelines. I was right. I called Medtronic, talked to a great Rep named Jake. He told me that since I am on so many shots a day, check my sugar so many times a day, and have complications related to diabetes there is a chance Medicare will approve me for the pump. So they are working on submitting the paperwork for me right now, if Medicare comes back and denies it, he said that they will work with me to get statements from ALL my Doctors saying that my diabetes treatment is currently not working for me and that I would benefit from the pump. Oh just wanted to add if I do get covered from Medicare anyone that has donated money for me to get the pump, I am either going to give it right back to TuDiabetes or to JDRF even though I am type 2.


hi… how are you? hope you’ll have your pump soon… God bless… wasn’t able to logged in for a while, I have to internet connection for 3 weeks now… just drop by to say hi…