Doctor Visit

On Tuesday the Doc and I talked about using a insulin pump. I have done research on it in the past and said no dont want that. well yesterday i went “well?”. so i am thinking about it. my A1C’s haven’t been the best last few years. i work a crappy schedule. 2 weeks i work 5-5 at night and then 2 weeks 5-5 on days. so i am thinking that i want to learn more at this time. yeah i have researched the pump years ago (in a college speach class), but would like to know a little more about it now. any thoughts?

Hi Josh,

I am not diabetic, but my husband loves his pump, it has helped him big time to have better numbers. Maybe you should join the Pumping Our Insulin Group here in TuDiabetes. It is very active, and I am sure the folks there can help you get started with lots of good info.