Post #2 I'm Still Here!

I finally found where to continue this, lol!! I'm a bit computer challenged!!
So I'm doing ok. Trying to get a strips my insurance will pay for, think I did. Hopefully it doesn't snow til later so I can drive the 30 miles to walmart in my non 4-wheel drive truck over the mountains to get it.
Metformin isn't too much fun, cause of the side effects, but it was helping my levels go down, till I got tingly in the face after taking it and was told to go off it, but doc office just said to try again, cause that isn't a normal side effect. So I'll try. My levels actually went down about 70 points just in three days. So yesterday I did a big boo boo I guess, remember I'm suppose to only eat fruit veggies and meat. So me and husband went to lunch as we usually do on wednesdays. Ok no bread I'm thinking....we go to a pasta/sandwich shop that we like every week. They have salads so I ordered a salad and was going to have meat put on top of it. So I decided to get their pork barbeque, duh. Not thinking that barbeque is sugar, I think, it must be. I thought I was being healthy, salad and meat. You can laugh, I don't mind, but it totally wrecked the progress that I had made the past few days. So today I decided to start my exercising, and pulled out the treadmill from the corner. It however didn't want to cooperate, and was counting down instead of up, and shut off after 2 minutes, which I dont know how it got set there. Since I don't have a manual,and I'm not to good at figuring those things out. Maybe my husband can figure it out. I'm sure its something like programming your digital watch, which I refused to have one cause I couldn't figure that out either!! But to my benefit I am good at operating my iphone!! Well till next time.

I'm glad you're making progress. We all have our good and bad days. Why not take a walk and then participate in the Big Blue test? Exercise is so good for us!