Post-hypo and persistent headache two weeks later


I just visited my endo yesterday and mentioned this to him. He says if it continues to reach out. It seems like I’m going to have to do just that.

Anyway, I had a BAD hypo a couple of weeks ago. I’ve got some new clients and am coming off of a lot of stress, so I’m stressed because I want to do well with these clients: more stress. One day I had a meeting and started my morning by working. Then realized I needed to get out for this meeting, so I just took off without eating. My low was starting when I left my house, so I grabbed a sweet drink and hopped in an Uber to get to the train. It worked for a little bit, and thank goodness they had some food show up. They know I have diabetes, but they didn’t know how bad my low was. They knew though because I had a couple of glucose tablets during the meeting.

Ever since that day, I’ve had a headache that comes and goes. I’ve noticed that on days where I try to ignore it, it just gets worse. On days where I feel it coming on, I try to relax. This is also odd for me because I was the person who never really suffered much from headaches. What a change this has been. I also just turned 50, so I think I’m also dealing with perimenopause symptoms, so I’m taking an over the counter med and vitamins for that. Those seem to be helping. Thank goodness.

Unfortunately, I can’t take Tylenol or Ibuprofen due to wearing a CGM and retinopathy. I do have Tramadol, an opiate, but don’t take it much because of the risk of addiction.

My primary care doc knows because I had a string of days about a week ago where I had tooth pain, that headache, and menstrual cramps. I didn’t want to take Tramadol, so one of those days I just sucked it up. I’ll be seeing her the first week of February. I’m also going to let my endo know this pain keeps coming up but has anyone else had something similar?

I have headaches and migraines all my life, they are not associated with diabetes, but I do notice that after strong and large spikes and drops of my bg the chance to get a headache increases. Actually, it is a particular type of migraine that starts with an aura and is followed by a very intense headache. The only solution that I have is to avoid spikes and have painkillers at hand. I use a drug that has 325 mg of acetaminophen in it and I don’t notice any significant change in Dexcom data when I use it. You can try half a tablet of Tylenol, then a full one and see if it will affect your data. Ask your doctor for a medication that will work for you as well as for any tests he thinks you might need. Also, I usually try natural remedies first, before reaching for pharmaceutical wonders. Meadowsweet (250 mg capsules) helps me in about 50% of cases, I take just one capsule when the headache is light or when I feel it is about to come. There is also White Willow (400 mg capsules, whole bark), but it doesn’t work for me.

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Thanks for the suggestions regarding natural remedies, @Dmitry2, and sorry to hear that you suffer from headaches. I almost never do, so this is a weird and unpleasant experience for me.

I’d rather try the natural remedies first. Certain things have worked for me regarding other diabetes issues like probiotics and apple cider vinegar to ward off yeast infections. This is something female diabetics are definitely more susceptible to due to having higher than average glucose levels. Since starting a regimen around that I’ve not had any trouble in years. My endo was sure I’d have issues when he put me on Invokana to crack through the insulin resistance I was having. I’ve had no problems since starting that drug, so I’m doing something right.

I’m in the Bay Area, so I can hit up my natural pharmacy or even Whole Foods, and I’m sure they’ll have something. I didn’t find white willow at my local natural drugstore, but I did find Hyland’s Migraine Headache Relief: I’m not even sure what the difference is between a migraine headache and the headaches I used to get that were occasional and remedied with Ibuprofen, which I can’t take anymore. I used it about an hour after I got home. I was just sitting enjoying peace and quiet with that headache beating me up. I took two of these pills and ~poof~ my headache is gone. It was surprisingly fast.

BTW, my primary care is female, not male. :wink:

Someone else suggested I try Tylenol because, for her, it doesn’t mess with her CGM readings. I’ve seen others say the same thing. I’m moving at such a fast clip these days that just haven’t really taken the time to get a small bottle of Tylenol to test it out. I hope this stuff I bought tonight continues to work, but I’m thinking I probably should experiment with Tylenol too.

Thanks again!