Crushing headaches due to hypoglycemia

When my blood sugar drops to just about or a bit below 70 mg/dl, I will usually get a pulsing headache behind my left eye (always the left) that does not respond well to headache medication and does not usually retreat, at least not completely, despite bringing my blood sugar up to the normal range. It takes hours and multiple dosings of OTC headache medication to do the trick. Sometimes it will linger until I fall asleep that night.

I also suffer from cluster headaches, albeit rarely. However, a hypoglycemia headache can trigger a cluster headache for me, which happened last weekend. Even when they do not trigger a cluster headache, they can be debilitating in their pain intensity.

Does anyone else experience this or have recommendations on how to handle these headaches? I recently got a CGMS so that should help me avoid them to some degree.

I’ve gotten horrible headaches after a low bg, but not too frequently… maybe a couple of times a year or so. My bg usually has to be VERY low, and the headache comes on after I bring it up.
I don’t think they’re “cluster” headaches… they’re just general headaches behind my eyes, but extremely intense. OTC pain meds don’t do anything to help the pain when I have these. The only “cure” for them that I’ve found is sleep.
I hope your CGM will help you avoid these. The ones I’ve had are really awful.

Hi oneless.
I get pain behind my eye too when low. I found what helps is Tylenol sinus. Not because it is a sinus problem but because the med helps shrink the sinus membranes and that allows for better circulation in that area. That in turn helps the hypo headache. I don’t understand all the reasons why I took it cause it was the only thing I had and it helped so that is how I treat that kind of headache.
Hope it helps you
Be loved

Great idea, thank you!

Get hydrated or Tylenol sinus works.

Occasionally when i have a low BG I have found I have some high blood pressure with it. When that happens, I have a bad headache that responds to nothing but bringing my blood pressure down with the blood pressure meds i take. Usually my blood pressure is high when I have a high BG. Not the other way around, but when it happens I can’t get the headache to respond to anything else. I don’t know if you have any blood pressure issues, but you may want to check yours when that headache comes up. It is just a thought. This thought doesn’t tie in with the cluster headaches, but you may still want to check. And i really agree with the hydration.