Post Vitrectomy Sight

Hello everyone,
I am very new to this forum - here is my situation.
I have had three vitrectomies on my left eye in the past 9 months. I always get very worried about my retina detaching. I had my last vitrectomy on May 30th, and still can’t see anything out of that eye. Once in awhile I see a slight light blurb, but that’s it. Currently, I have a liquid fill in my eye - could my eye be too swollen to see? Is there too much blood in the fluid to see?

I would like to know your experience in the “no-sight” time period after a vitrectomy. I am not known to be patient - so it may just take time, but my mind can’t settle with that at the moment.

Thanks in advance

The post-op holding pattern is the hardest part, because your mentality is really the only thing you have any power over. I had hemmorages in both eyes at once and had one vitrectomy per eye, plus a lens reimplsnt and a capsulectomy, all within a ten month spread. First vitrectomy, I had to position face down for four weeks. Second time it was seven. However, I had had bubbles in my eyes instead of liquid fill.

I tend to doubt there is blood inside blocking your vision, as removing the blood is part of the point of doing the procedure. My first two guesses are swelling and dilating drops. My surgeon used dilating drops to help with pain control, because keeping it dilated prevented the muscles from trying to work against the sutures.

Hang in there. It’s very early days. Give it time.

I have had vitrectomies in both eyes. One eye, I saw crystal clear out of immediately. There was never any clouding.

The other eye was very cloudy and I didn’t see out of that eye for almost a month. Gradually the haze starts to clear and you begin to see more and more every day. It takes a little time. Be patient.

I had saline put in both my eyes. I have never had the gas bubble.

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I had vitrectomies in the eighties, in both eyes. Both were about the same cloudy vision the first day, and steady improvement over the following week. I asked the doc how many times they could do vitrectomies. He said, “You’re an accountant, how high can you count?”

I can’t believe it’s been that long.

TBH, these are questions best asked of your ophthalmologist. None of us are eye doctors. We can tell you what our experience was, but I don’t have a clue why you are experiencing your present difficulties. See the man. Or woman.

I have had vitrectomy in both eyes everything was clearing up I had one done in February and one done in March then on Friday I had a laser treatment to the right eye because there was a spot or something and then three days later I woke up and could not see out of that eye I immediately went to the surgeon and I’m going in the hospital for Pam to remove the blood he says there’s blood behind my eye and that is the reason for this my blood sugar has been in control for probably two years now however I have had uncontrolled diabetes for the previous 18 years so I am hopeful although this is a very scary situation I’d appreciate anyone who can offer their experience strength and Hope forgetting my vision restored

Hello, I hope this is posted in the right spot. I had the surgery done on Monday of this week. On Tuesday when the Dr. took off the bandage I could see better then I do today 3 day’s after the surgery. Am I just expecting it to be better faster then I should? I can see shapes and make out some things but other then that it’s a “London fog” I am looking thru.

It will clear out. I promise! Give it time.

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I’m coming in late to this discussion. I had my first vitrectomy in my left eye just over 2 1/2 weeks ago. It was to go in and repair a macular hole that came up after being treated for a vitreous hemorrhage in that same eye. I cannot see out of my left eye and don’t think I will for a few more weeks as the gas they used seems to be holding on strong and doing its job of keeping my retina in place.

I was clicking around to see what others have experienced with this procedure. There are so many variations of it, that even testimonies differ quite a bit. However, if there is gas in the eye the one constant is it takes time to clear. I’m in the middle of that right now.

The most awful part of it is trying to be patient. I nearly panicked when my doc said I’d not be able to workout as this is something I do regularly 3-4 times a week more for mood management than health (although that’s a positive side effect, of course.) The first week, I had to lay on my left side for most of the time. Now I’m still on restriction from strenuous activity, but I can walk around and drive.

2 1/2 weeks in and many more to go based on what I’ve read and what I’m seeing (or not seeing, actually).

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